For men 35+ looking to lose weight, build muscle, and improve their sex life... 

(Without training like a body builder or even stepping foot in a gym)

For years I tried building muscle.

Countess body building exercises. 'Bro splits' from the top fitness magazines of the world and thousands of dollars down the drain on supplements.

Only to come up short week after week, month after month.

It wasn't until I discovered this easy-to-follow 3 step process to building muscle (and dropping the fat) without training like a body builder, following a weight-gaining caloric surplus or... dumping cash into supplements.

Sup dude.

My name is Hector. I'm a husband of 14 years with two of the kindest kids you'll ever meet. I'm the founder of the Hardstyle Fitness Academy and Better Man Blueprint coaching program.

Where I've been helping my clients for over 12 years build strong, lean, muscular, and more capable bodies in less time.

So they can do more of what they enjoy and still spend time with their family.

Before I dive into the 3 steps.

I wanna give you some context.

You're here because you're aware of your problem and are looking for the right solution––err a SIMPLE(R) solution––to get what you want.

(... which is likely: lose some weight, "tone up" and build some muscle so you can feel great In your clothes and not be ashamed to walk around with your shirt off.)

But you don't know how to close the gap.

Am I right?


You're in the RIGHT place.

Here's the deal.

The truth is... you're stuck because you're not aware of the hidden problem. Which has had it's greedy little claws sunk deep into your back for a while now.

Hell... most guys aren't even aware it's a problem.

That problem is excess estrogen.

And too much of it leads to what I call... 

"The Perfect Storm"

Here's how it works.

As a  result of the advancement of civilization... we've put chemicals in everything: plastics, food, our water, you name it.

These chemicals mimic estrogen. They're called, Xenoestrogens and are the silent assassin lurking in the shadows.

Seeking the perfect moment to slit the throat of your progress.

Like this...

Xenoestrogens trigger aromatase kicking off The Perfect Storm.

From there aromatase goes to work converting your muscle-building, sex-boosting testosterone into ESTROGEN.

High levels of estrogen means more body fat--that fun jiggly stuff around your waist. Excess body fat?

You guessed it.

MORE aromatase activity.

(... and by consequence... more body fat.)

If you've ever wondered WHY you have a hard time losing fat and building muscle, this is why.

Aromatase triggered by Xenoestrogens and excess body fat.

So what's the solution?

Going upstream to stop aromatase before it happens.

Starting with... 

"Mechanical Loading" using Kettlebells, to Triggering the Release of Testosterone & GH. Crushing Excess Estrogen.

"Mechanical Loading"

using Kettlebells, to Triggering the Release of Testosterone & GH. Crushing Excess Estrogen.

We'll dissect this strategy into two categories:

  1. Testosterone-boosting exercises… so you can build dense muscle & bone mass, auto-regulate your bodyweight, counteract estrogen, improve your sex life, and have better control over your prostate.


  2. Growth Hormone-Releasing exercises to boost your built-in “fountain of youth” to reverse the aging process, regenerate cells (particularly muscle cells), accelerate recovery, and increase muscle-building opportunities.

Step #1:

Time Under Tension

Enter the Kettlebell “Grinds”:

These are slow “grinding” exercises (e.g., presses, squats, and deadlifts) typically with a heavier weight catapults T-levels through a method called time under tension (TUT).

The longer your muscles are under tension, the more potential for muscle gain.

(1) In a 2007 study, “Excretion of steroid hormones (Testosterone) after an acute session and after a 4-week program of strength training” found, those who did strength/resistance training 3 days a week for 4 weeks were linked to increases in T-levels right after a workout and over time.

In 1994 at Tufts University, Campbell et al examined 12 men and women, aged 56-80 for 12-16 weeks, to study the effects of resistance training on metabolism.

They trained three times per week for 30 minutes each day.

The result?

The participants’ overall metabolic rate increased, burning 34 to 35 additional calories with each newly formed pound of muscle.

The takeaway... 

[1.] This demonstrates there’s an inverse relationship between muscle and fat; meaning, muscle tissue is more metabolically active and burns more calories than fat.

[2.] Muscle is a result of elevated testosterone by way of the training stimulus (i.e., lifting weights and maximizing time under tension) and not calories or supplements. If you keep pumping out calories without a training stimulus… the result is fat gain. 

The masked problem?

Less muscle due to a lack of mechanical tension, kills your metabolism, and opens the flood gates to aromatase.

"Aromatase": an enzyme which converts testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. Which in turn decreases testosterone, increasing body fat. Making it harder for you to have an erection.

From there testosterone levels drop because your muscle-building testosterone is converted into estrogen, blows the hinges off your muscle-building efforts.

Say hello to the soft dad bod, decreased libido, and saggy man breasts!

Not good my friend.


If you want to fight estrogen then boosting testosterone to build muscle is a non-negotiable.

And when you know how to bolt step two to time under tension... you have a hyper-effective, potent cocktail to build lean muscle with your kettlebells.

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