Swing Strong

Kettlebell Swing and Getup Training System

How to build total body strength, mobility, and better endurance with the Kettlebell Swing and Getup

(… and how to get it done in 30 minutes, or less, per day.)

Kettlebell swing, swing strong, swing, getup
Swing Strong is going to help you…
  • 12 weeks of done-for-you programming to improve your strength, mobility, and endurance with ONLY TWO exercises... making your body harder to break.
  • Uncover the ins and outs of how to safely learn the Kettlebell Swing and Getup to fast track your results and eliminate the worry "if you're doing it right".
  • Navigate the 4 essential phases of the getup including 3 "bonus drills" and our go-to "dynamic hip drill" to open your hips and improve your guard game.
  • Use our “red light” system on Pg. 22 keeps you from doing too much, setting you up for a stronger session the next day… so you can remain consistent and avoid potential nagging injuries
  • "Bulletproof" your hips, back and shoulders to keep you from feeling "broken" after a workout.
  • Build lean muscle, in the right places, and accelerate your fat loss efforts in only 30 minutes per day, leaving you with more time to do what you enjoy.
  • Boost your confidence knowing you're strong and mobile enough to engage in activities like BJJ and roll with anyone anytime regardless of your age or their size.
  • Carry yourself with a sense of pride and walk with the strength and power you deserve.
  • Use our "minimum effective dose" to improve your strength and mobility with two simple (but not easy) exercises, so you can be more active without hurting the next day.
  • LIVE CHAT support to answer your question and accelerate your progress.
  • And much more. In fact… you’re getting 4 bonuses valued at $454 buckaroos.

Don't take my work for it... here's what others have to say...

"My Shoulders Feel Happier"

Hector's Swing STRONG! program helped me hit 100 swings in 4:42 with the 32kg bell and my wife Danielle with the 24kg. Other surprises were our lats , felt like rocks towards the end and I snatched a 32kg bell which felt surprisingly strong! But the best part is, my shoulders feel happier and my pull-ups improved as the program moved forward.

Sean Shearon Owner, Prevail Strength and Fitness

"Swing STRONG! hit "the sweet spot"!"

Swing STRONG! hit "the sweet spot"! The nice mixture of low volume days and high days allowed me to recover quickly--much like the Simple and Sinister program. But I liked that Hector's program focused on developing strength and power for the swing. After 12 weeks I went from swinging a 20kg bell to completing the "Simple" portion of Simple and Sinister with a 32kg!

Gabrielle RosalesOwner, Gravity Chamber

"Added 20 Pounds to My Deadlift 3 Rep Max!"

Hector's Swing STRONG! program added 20 pounds to my deadlift 3 Rep Max! (335-3550. I even squatted the 36's for the first time EVER! The crazy part is, I wasn't able to do any of these things before I started and I didn't even train them while doing my swings.

Jerrid CortezTrainer, SFG Instructor

"Ran my last marathon 30 minutes faster"

Training with Hector and following his program only 3 days per week--helped me run my last marathon 30 minutes faster and I felt I could’ve gone another 5 or 6 miles. I did no other strength training, only my normal runs. I didn't even add my traditional "speed days" like I would have done in the past. Everyone needs to work with Hector in his kettlebell program!

Armando R.Elite Marathoner

If these are results you’d be interested in attaining for your life.

Enrollment into the Swing Strong course is open for enrollment.

Kettlebell swing, swing strong, swing, getup

Swing Strong (SS)

Build total body strength, mobility, and better endurance with the Kettlebell Swing and Getup.

(… in 30 minutes, or less, per day.).