3 TRUTH tellers which shoot you straight, every time...

I heard this from my friend, Geoff back in 2013 (I think) and it makes complete sense.

There are 3 "truth tellers" that will shoot us straight no matter how much we wanna deny our current reality.

[1.] How your clothes fit:  If your pants are still tight and your waistline "rolls over" when you tie your shoes... you're not seeing progress.

[2.] The Mirror:  If you can't see noticeable definition in your shoulders, arms, and mid sections then - you're not seeing progress.

[3.] Your Training Log:  if you're not writing down your training sessions: what you're eating in quality and quantity then - 

you'll NEVER experience truths 1 & 2.

It shouldn’t take months to see progress.

Your strength should blossom in a couple weeks, pants should fit looser around your waist by week 3.

It's not normal to be on a roller coaster when it comes to seeing progress.

Men of Consumption, though well intentioned -

desire impact... but rarely make progress.

He lives in what my coach Nicole calls, the “delusion of progress”.

This guy feels very busy but isn't producing tangible results.

A man who sees progress on tap is... 

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