A Man of Production and Value...

Now that you've spotted the man of consumption over your right shoulder.

Take a look over your left shoulder and you'll see a totally different guy.

This dude is cut from a different cloth.

He's a Man of Production

Is clear on what he wants.

Plays the game of life with a "gun to the head" mentality.

If he doesn't focus on what matters most in creating his life - 


Brains on the wall... like in the scene of Full Metal Jacket.

He establishes a strategy based on a proven system.

Ensures it's rooted in a less is more approach to help him get results quickly.

*Because time is ticking*

He's not distracted by "shiny objects" to keep him busy.

He's clear on what real progress looks like.

And he's only able to establish these mechanisms by...

Investing in speed and results by partnering with a coach.

He refuses to do things cheap or solo.

When you...

Partner with a Coach

You couple the right strategy with support to get from where you’re at now—to where you want to be.

A coach illuminates your path and hands you the blueprint of physical success.

He guides you around the inevitable obstacles waiting in the shadows to devour you.

It's impossible to get back in shape and build a lean and capable body on your own.

When you have a coach, you have someone -

  To talk you through your fears, struggles, and limiting beliefs.

 Waiting to celebrate your wins and victories with you.

 Keeps you accountable to your goals and calls you on your BS.

  Who's  been been there, done that, bought the shirt, and mowed the grass in it.

He surrounds you with...

A Gang of Better Men

✓  To prevent unnecessary failures, more wasted time, and money.

 Challenges you to be better, holds you accountable, and helps you overcome mental barriers.

 Brings together a gang of like-minded men to multiply everyones efforts towards being BETTER MEN.

Because - there's strength in numbers.

But -

if you insist on doing it alone... expect more:

  Precious time away from your family—doing research on how to incorporate all the components of a results-getting program.

  Money down the drain on random programs which don’t enhance your performance for everyday life.

  Fear, uncertainty, and self doubt creep in and hold you back.

  Disbelief of what's possible to balance it all: strength, mobility, flexibility, fat loss, and quality time with the family, etc... 


Not ONE successful man, husband, or father got there alone!

Let's recap - 

To get back in shape, drop some unwanted pounds, and lead your family from the front -

you must deploy theses 5 principles:

[1]  Take a "Less is More" Approach.

[2]  Follow a proven system!

[3]  Have a REAL strategy!

[4]  Train for Longevity!

[5]  Invest in a Coach.

If you implement these principles you can...

** Move with the strength, power, and ease you once had in your 20's.

** Duplicate your results week after week because you now have a “proven system”.

** Train 3-5 days a week without feeling over-worked.

And be able to look back knowing you lived life to it’s fullest without regret and never say the two most painful words, “I WISH…”

** Have piece of mind at the end of the day knowing, you got everything in from: strength, mobility, and endurance.

And have plenty of time for yourself and your family.

** Wake up the the next morning WITHOUT “feeling broken” and NEVER have to tell your kids, I can’t play with you today, maybe tomorrow.

So now what?

What do you do with all this information?

Well - you have two choices to make:

[1.] If you’re super happy with how things are going, there’s nothing you need to do.

Close this page and keep doing what you're doing.


[2.] If you’re not happy with where you’re at, and I suspect you're not because, you've read this far

then it's time to choose a different path.

Here's how I can support you...

I'd like to offer you a FREE 45 minute “Break-Free Strategy Call”.

On this call we’ll have a conversation of what you’re doing, what your goals are, and where the breakdowns are happening.

If it’s right for you, I may invite you to become a student of my coaching program, Better Man Blueprint this month.

This call is for you IF

 You’re serious, ready, and committed to becoming better.

 You're ready, willing, and able to invest in yourself and your family.

 You’re looking for a proven system to get back in shape, look good, and feel good without interfering with your duties as the man of the house.

 You’re ready to focus on YOU, so you can live life with purpose and on your terms.

This call is NOT for you if

  You’re unwilling to commit to a proven system to get back in shape once and for all.

  You make excuses about “why you don’t have time”.

 You’re not ready to be challenged, think you have all the answers, and you’re not coachable

 Or you're looking to "pick my brain" and "get ideas".

Then this isn't for you.

The reason I'm doing this?

I believe EVERY man should experience what it’s like to move with strength, power, and ease—WITHOUT waking up feeling broken the next day.

I’m sick and tired of all the misleading fitness information for my fellow man (it literally makes me SICK!).

I have a passion for helping men become a better men, husbands, and fathers, PERIOD!

If you allow me to support you...

** I’ll walk you through *exactly* what I’ve done to help 1100+ other students get and stay in great shape the last 10+ years—week by week.

** You’ll gain back time by being hyper-efficient with your workouts—so you can spend it creating memories with your family.

** Say goodbye to your progress-destroying aches and pains.

** You Will get back in shape, look better, feel better, and reclaim your power!

And most importantly...

Become a Better Man.

Click here to set up your break-free strategy call >>>

3 reason why you should do this... and why you should do this right NOW.

[1.] I only work with a small group of men at a time.

[2.] I reserve only a few spots on my calendar every 10 days.

[3.] You no longer have any more time (or money) to waste.

Click here to set up your break-free strategy call >>>

I look forward to seeing you on my calendar.

Appreciate you reading.

Your brother in strength,.

hec g.

© Strong As Hec Programming