Principle #4

Train for Longevity.

"No pain, no gain"

"Balls to the wall"

"Go hard or go home"

"That workout kicked my ass!"

I'm sure there are many more but this's the bile I hear too many men spew from their mouths - in regard to physical training.

It runs ramped in the BJJ community where if you rest longer than 15 seconds, you're a p*ssy and not serious about training.

This couldn't be MORE backwards.


... working out is GREAT (I mean, REALLY great!).

Double and triple body weight deadlifts jack your testosterone and endorphins to stupid-high levels.

Rolling hard as f*ck in Jiu-Jitsu day-after-day is great.

It's all great.

until it's not!!!

But here's the truth.

None of this is worth your career or your way of life.


It's actually the reason you began lifting or practicing martial arts in the first place... to add MORE value and fulfillment to your life.

End of the day -

health will always be your greatest concern, not how hard you went in the gym.

You're here to create a legacy you can pass down to your kids (and the world).


Failing to train for longevity will crush your body, stop your results dead in their tracks, & you’ll NEVER "be the man" you’ve been called to be.

When you get this right...

  There’s less aches and pains in the morning.

✓  You can train more often and create lasting-memories with your kids into your 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

✓  Recovery accelerates between workouts, your body is stronger than when you started, and leaves you craving for more.

But - 

when you don't follow a less is more approach.

You don’t have a system In place.

You lack a real strategy... and love stroking your ego...

  Your strength, mobility, and flexibility will be mediocre at best.

✗  Doubt creeps in and you start thinking, “I’m too old”.

✗  The painful cycle of neck and back injuries become a regular thing.

✗  Your career could be in jeopardy - doubling down on your inability to provide for your family.

When you decide to... 

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