Embrace the Visceral Power of Training for Longevity...

You have - 

** More frequent and quality training sessions (read: workouts) to build a resilient body.

** The “little things in life” bother you less.

** Recovery is at an all-time high, allowing you to train heavier, more often… so you can maintain your hard earned efforts.

** You've created a standard of what a strong man looks like for your son or daughter, for when it comes time for them to choose a partner.

** And after a decade of training… you’re stronger, more flexible, and most importantly… you’re a better man, husband, and father.

All because you were smart and intentional about your health and fitness.

But beware of these -

4 Longevity blood-sucking vampires

As you begin making longevity-focused training your priority...

you’ll likely encounter one of these 4 longevity vampires:

[1.] A lack of consistency because you don’t know where to start.

[2.] You don’t have the right system and strategy to pair your strength and mobility training in the right balance for the best result.

[3.] Too much contradicting information and not knowing what/who to trust is only leading to confusion and self-doubt.

[4.] Neck, back, and shoulder injuries keep popping up because you don’t have a structured program.

This’s why - 

if getting back in shape and becoming “the man” you need to be is important to you then

Training for longevity is a non-negotiable!

Principle #5...
Is the glue which holds this entire series together.

It’s the KEY to getting what you want from this life.

The founding fathers of America, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and some of the greatest intellectual minds in the history of the world took advantage of this.

In fact - 

you’d NEVER know their names if they didn’t... 

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