Principle #5

Invest in a Coach.

Before I talk about principle #5 and how it's the master key to getting what you want from life...

I wanna talk about something I've witness plague the lives of well intentioned men and - 

how's it's stopping them dead in their tracks.

And why it's keeping them from escaping the body they've had since high school.

Take a look around you right now.




What do you see?

If you take another look...

your eyes will fall on 2 different types of men.

On one side you have "the consumer."

This guy's -

A Man of Consumption

He thinks A LOT about the life he'd like to have.

How he wants things to be different, but...

when it comes to taking aligned action, he lacks significantly.


As I mentioned in principle #3... he has no real strategic & actionable plan (though he's CONVINCED he does).

It feels good for men of consumption to be "doing something."

This guy INHALES "content" in mind-blowing proportions but - 

fails at putting it into action.

He's a slave to social media.

Downloads (random) workouts.

Free courses.

Macro cheat sheets.

Meal plans by the truck load.

And -

5 day weight loss challenges.

But that's not the worst part... 

he's convinced himself he needs to know more to build a strong, lean, and capable body.

He's certain success is right around the corner.

A man of consumption has great intentions when it comes to his health, strength training, and the foods he eats but sees little to no results.

And does the unthinkable, again...

he quits.

Heads back to YouTube University looking for MORE free stuff (i.e., MORE "research"), and starts over.

A man of consumption suffers from inconsistency and "isn't sure why."

He doesn't know what results look like... or how to track them.


Results in life are measured in numbers.

Specifically these...

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