Principle #3

Have a REAL Strategy

"There's so much conflicting information, I don't know who or what to believe anymore."

I’m sure you can relate to this quote.

It’s what one of my students (and good friends) said at dinner one night when I was visiting him in Denver.

Here’s the thing - 

with information now on demand... he isn’t wrong.

One coach says one thing... and another coach says another.


there’s ONE THING separating the two and it’s saved more men from the confusing (and conflicting) BS information plaguing the interwebz than anything I've encountered the last 10+ years.

And it might be your saving grace to gain back time, save money, and ensure you finally get the results you've been chasing for years.

It’s having a real strategy.

A strategy...

[+] Gives you a sense of direction—if you don’t know where you’re going, any route will get you there.

(only it'll rob you of more time and cash)

[+] It deposits more time into your life account...  and lets you know when you’ll arrive at your desired destination.

[+]  It’s measurable—allowing you to track progress and make the right tweaks to keep you steamrolling forward.

If getting in shape and building a strong & capable body so you lead your family by example is important to you then...

... having a strategic plan is a non-negotiable!

Imagine this for a second...

** You FINALLY possess the missing link to attain your goals—removing ALL self-doubt of what’s possible for you.

** The feelings of overwhelm and confusion of what it takes to build a healthy body—without interfering with your life—dissipates as you now have a concrete plan and an objective to be achieved in a specific time frame.

** You no longer feel burnt out from endless and unnecessary research on how to acquire the right program to get stronger, more mobile, and drop unwanted body fat.

** Progress is now measurable so you can look back to see what successes/challenges you’re having, and where to make adjustments.

(And preventing potential plateaus)

** You’re more organized and focused… instead of “winging it” with your strength, mobility, and endurance training.

** The nagging aches and pains in your shoulder, hips, and knees vanish within 10 weeks... setting you free to be more active and enjoy life, on your terms.

** Your gut is no longer hanging over your belt, cutting off circulation when you tie your shoes.

** And the shirts + pants you've avoided wearing for years now fit snug around your arms, shoulders, and no longer reveals the Ol' love handles.

In the end... you look better, feel better, and look forward to what really matters again -

Your passions.

And creating a legacy your kids can be proud of.

All because you harnessed the raw power of a real strategy.

But, if you choose... 

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