The Dark Path...

that's riddled with "more research".

Flashy exercises.

Random workouts.

And 10k kettlebell swings challenges...

  You’ll continue to lack focus, direction, purpose, and consistency... keeping you shackled in the same place for another 6 months.

 In your agony... you’ll look back knowing you could have made more progress if you didn’t hop from one shiny object to the next.

  Your quality of life and legacy is in jeopardy from a lack of strategy... due to plaguing injuries.

 And eventually... self doubt creeps in, you're frustrated with your lack of progress, and give up hope if the results you’ve been chasing are even possible for your life.

But, if you choose...

The Luminous Path...

  Shackles are destroyed, confidence elevates to new levels, you unlock the ability to move with the strength, power, and ease like you did in your 20’s.

 Waking up the next day “feeling stiff”, “broken”, and “over-worked” is a thing of the past.

 You save time, recharge your emotional bank account, and free yourself from confusion and self-doubt.

 People begin to take notice of how much happier you are.

 And you'll walk taller with a “quiet confidence” as a sense of fulfillment drowns your soul.

As you start deploying your strategy... keep your eyes peeled for the following -

5 Road Blocks

[1.] Having a plan for plans sake—going through the motions.

[2.] Not possessing the RIGHT PLAN and end up pushing too hard... setting you 5 steps back.

[3.] Zero accountability from a coach or mentor—you have a plan but don’t actually work the plan.

[4.] Unwillingness or inability to change or pivot because you don't know what adjustments to make.

[5.] A lack of knowledge and resources combined with conflicting information (thanks internet!)

This's why... a legacy-grade, strategic plan is crucial to getting back in shape and taking back control of your life is a non-negotiable!

Principle #4...

Has ended more careers and achieved more notches on it’s belt... because men love stroking their ego and - 

they've been brainwashed into the idea that... a real man trains hard as f*ck, and pushes the envelope.

Even if it means dragging his guts behind.

If you're tired of getting "dinged up" after a few workouts or waking up to nagging aches and pains - forcing more inconsistency in your life...

then you MUST - 

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