Principle #1 

Less. Is MORE.

Life is complicated as hell… and the last thing you need to add to the insanity that is your life...  is MORE complexity.

MORE HIIT cardio.

MORE swings.

MORE getups.

Etc.. etc… 

Less moving parts leads to simplicity.

The simpler your tasks become (and the less moving pieces), the more consistent you will be.

And consistency is the mother of success.

You’ll never become the man you need to be for your family by spending countless hours in a gym juggling all the moving pieces you think you need... to see results.

Here’s what you need to do.

Make Strength Your #1 Priority

It’s your foundation.

In fact…

Professor Leonid Matveev—father of periodization—said, “Strength is the mother quality and foundation for developing the rest of physical qualities.”

Not more cardio.

Not more flexibility.

Not better endurance.

Not even better strength endurance.


Focusing on strength endurance is pointless if you possess little to no strength to endure.

Cardio (aka: endurance) is simply, continued strength as Bret Jones once put it.

When you get this right -

you can move with ease and chase your kids without nagging aches and pains.

Being active will be more enjoyable than ever and you no longer have to wake up the next day in pain and

you’ll be happier with yourself, more productive, and show up better as a man, husband, and father.

But if you screw this up...

and spend more time doing random HIIT cardio, 10,000 kettlebell swing challenges, and following other unrepeatable workouts - 

you’ll feel broken, over-worked, and will dread the idea of getting in a workout (because it’s no longer fun or exciting for you).

You'll become fragile and injury is only a matter of when because of the additional stress you're putting your body through.

And worse -

your “mind, body, spirit connection” shatters, forcing you to snap at your wife & kids without thought.

So what’s the secret, Hector? How do I follow a less is more approach?

I thought you’d never ask, my friend 😉

You need to become... 

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