Kettlebell Training for BJJ

NO-BS Press Program

How to build a strong, lean, and resilient body for BJJ in less than 90 minutes per week.

(Without overtraining and interfering with your life or time on the mat!)

NOBS-PP will help you - 

  • Stay in "Jiu-Jitsu shape" when you can't make it to class as often as you like. So you can avoid the dreaded "first day back rolls."
  • Build a customizable weekly routine so you can train at your pace and not interfere with your BJJ schedule.
  • Develop the strength and athleticism in 8 weeks to hang with anyone on the mat... regardless of size.
  • Boost shoulder mobility, resilience, and bulletproof your shoulders to keep from getting injured against Kimuras and Americanas.
  • And much more...

If you want to be able to train Jiu-Jitsu for the long haul and stay in shape any time, any where…

... grab a copy of the NO-BS Press Program (NOBS-PP) below...

NO-BS Press Program

How to build a strong, lean, and resilient body for BJJ in less than 90 minutes per week.

$932 $97

Here's what you're getting...

NO-BS Kettlebell Training Plans: Done-for-you programming (21 weeks in total) to help you build a stronger (and bigger) press so you can do more of what you enjoy. $197 Value.

Customizable Training Templates Guide: 4 training templates to help you customize the training plans to fit YOUR busy schedule. $47 Value.

Skill Mastery Workshop: "Behind the scene" access to a private Kettlebell Clean + Press Workshop and exclusive coaching from a StrongFirst Certified Senior instructor. $97 Value.

Clean + Press Practicum Video Course: Step-by-step instruction to ensure you're practicing the C+P correctly. To boost your skill, avoid injuries, & accelerate your results. $297 Value.

LIVE CHAT: On-demand support from Hector and the Hardstyle team to answer your question and accelerate your progress. $197 Value.

Total Value: $932

But as a fellow BJJ brother you won't pay anywhere near that.

In fact...

You won't pay:





Today you can get the entire system only -

$932 $97

Why SO cheap?

To be frank.

I want this to be the easiest no-brainer decision for you. I want you to actually USE the program and re-gain control of your body.

This program COULD be the turning point for you my friend (it was for me), but only when you take action today.

The way I see it... you have two options from this point on:

Option #1: You do nothing and stay where you're at and/or continue to try to figure this out on you own.

(... Which so far... doesn't seem to be working for you because you're still here reading this page.)

Which will result in you remaining: stiff, broken, weak and over-trained.

And worse...

sitting on the end of the mat wishing you could roll one more round.

(... and not just roll with the white belts.)


Option #2: Leverage my 24+ years of knowledge by grabbing this done-for-you NO-BS kettlebell for BJJ system and be renewed with the strength, mobility, and resilience you once had.

... and keep you where you belong.... ON THE MAT!

Click the button below to gain instant access to NO-BS Press Program. And be on your way to a stronger, more mobile, and resilient body for Jiu-Jitsu.

$932 $97

Order now at ZERO risk.

Test drive NOBS-PP for a FULL 90 days.

All you gotta do is grab one (or two) kettlebell(s), follow the plans as written, and get results.

If you're not 100% satisfied with your results -- and you put the work in -- email me: [email protected]... and  I'll refund your invest 100% no questions asked.

And you can KEEP the program.

If MtS doesn't do what I say it will... so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

Then I haven't earned your business.

See you in the academy.

A quick note from Hector

hec g.

hec g.

One more thing before I go.

I remember when I first started taking my Jiu-Jitsu serious (circa '05). I was sick and tired of sucking wind after only 3 rounds of rolling.

I've tried EVERYTHING on the planet to improve my strength and endurance for BJJ.

From 2001-2006 I spent 4+ hours per day  in a tradition gym. 6 days per week (that's 24 hours per week) on pointless exercises which had no carry over the Jiu-Jitsu.


  • Body building exercises which only gave the appearance I was strong and in shape for Jiu-Jitsu (I really wasn't). Only my grip continued to fail and because of the added muscle, my endurance sucked even more.
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): which put so much stress on my nervous system, I couldn't recover in time for class. Ultimately leading me down the slippery slope of thinking "I needed more cardio" because I continued to gas out.
  • Long Distance Running: Again... I thought I needed more cardio. I added running 3 days per week for a total of 16-24 miles. Only to end up with achy joints and tighter hips. Which had a detrimental effect on my guard game.

I just didn't know... what I didn't know.

I don't know if any of this resonates with you but, one thing is for certain...

... I knew something had to change because I knew I couldn't keep up training 24 hours per week (THAT'S A PART TIME JOB!) not including BJJ and...

Still having CRAP for conditioning!

But all that ended when...

I discovered the mighty kettlebell!

~2006 everything changed for me.

But there was one problem...

I had no clue what I was doing!

At the time there were ZERO instructors in my area teaching what you're about to learn.

In fact...

There were only a few hundred top instructors in the world teaching kettlebells. With the closest instructor over 10 hours away.

My only option was to learn from YouTube university.

Which, back then, YouTube was barely getting off the ground. And there wasn't as much content as there is today on kettlebells.

I'm sure you can guess how that turned out for me?

Yeah, not good!

I literally beat the crap out of myself with a 25 pound kettlebell (the size beginner women use, yeah I know :-[ ).

And to be honest...

I hated it!

It hurt so much. The constant bruising on my forearms, torn up hands. Did I mention the bruised forearms?

I had to stop using them every couple of months because the pain became unbearable.

But you know what happened?

My strength and endurance made a quantum leap forward!

My strength and endurance

made a quantum leap forward!

What used to be 3 rounds before I was sucking wind while walking to the bathroom to splash water on myself so I could cool down...

... turned into 10 plus rounds of rolling... 4+ times per week (with a few rounds left in the tank).

And not only that...

... I was man handling many of my training partners. I was even rolling with guys who out weighed me by 40-60 pounds - with ease.

That's when I dedicated my career to "mastering" this unique ball of iron. Along with mastering the art of program design. So I could help guys like you.

What's program design?

It's the planning of the training, knowing how to go from "A to B."

ALL so I could bring it to YOU and fast track YOUR results.

The reason I share this with you is... 

I've invested two decades of my life and 10's of thousands of dollars for the information which went into writing the NO-BS Press Program.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by to finally get stronger, better conditioned and more resilient for BJJ.

So you can dominate the mat!

... and get injured LESS.

But that'll only happen when you pick up your copy today...

$932 $97

I must warn you...

If you don’t grab a copy.

You may fall victim to rolling with a fellow BJJ practitioner currently going through this program (and it’s not gonna turn out well for you ;-] ).

The choice is yours.

Your brother in strength,

hec g.

What others have said...

"The Highest Privilege I’ve had"

Training under Hector has been the highest privilege I’ve had in Jiu-Jitsu, he helped me develop a confidence that I didn’t even know existed. His coaching isn’t overwhelming with a bunch of fancy exercises. Hector will teach you how, why, and when to move. Within 2 months of training, my resting heart rate dropped to the 50's and my blood pressure dropped to around 110/70. I had chronic hip pain that disappeared after a few weeks of training while my flexibility and mobility skyrocketed; I even dropped 10-15 pounds!

Dr. John K. DC, BJJ Purple Belt

"Strength and Conditioning to Another Level!"

The first time I saw a kettlebell I thought , “there is absolutely no way this little thing will give me the workout I need.” Well, other than BJJ, this was the toughest training I've ever done. Training with Hector helped my BJJ game in more ways than I could imagine . Being a fellow BJJ practitioner himself, he knew exactly what I needed to improve my performance for the mat. Hector's kettlebell program as taken my strength and conditioning to another level!

John Quintanilla BJJ Black Belt

"Effective, Proven, and Straight to the Point"

Within 4 weeks I started to experiencing the benefits of Hector's strength training system. I finally finished my first 5 min round. Without gassing out! My grips are stronger, guard passing and sweeping my spar partners has greatly improved. It also appears—my body, especially my shoulders are bulking up and developing.

Coach Hec's strategies are really effective, proven, and straight to the point. The benefits he mentions are pretty much what you can expect.

Gabrielle R. Kettlebell Expert, Gravity Chamber

"Stronger than all of my opponents"

This program was something I was looking for a long time! I was so frustrated on how to incorporate by BJJ practice with double kettlebell clean and press. At a recent tournament I was able to take 1st place and win all of my matches by submission. Hector’s Grappler's Pressing Program made my wins much easier because I was stronger than all of my opponents.

Thank you Mr. Hector!!

Thanasis K.

"In 4 weeks I'm leaner"

In 4 weeks I'm leaner and my arms are more muscular than I have been in a while. I love the simplicity of Hector's programs--they don't take away from anything else in my life like BJJ and spending time with my family, yet still provides results. It is great to have a coach who has accomplished everything I aspire to and has already walked the path, I really appreciate how quickly Hector has been able to get back with me when I had questions.

Zac Zech BJJ Practitioner

"I Medaled for the FIRST Time As a Brown Belt!"

Hector's coaching helped me prepare for the Pan JJ championships (one of the biggest BJJ tournaments). I medaled for the FIRST time as a brown belt! His coaching program helped me reach a new level of athleticism. It is the perfect balance of strength, power, and flexibility that I was missing in my game!

Tony C. BJJ Black Belt

"Positively Magical"

The armbar and bent armbar flows are positively magical and have almost complete eliminated my shoulder limitations!

Scott B

"I'm in the Best Shape of My Life"

I have to say that training with Hector and following his coaching and programming has had a HUGE impact on my strength, power, and recovery on the mat. At 30 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life.

Roger N. BJJ Black Belt

NOTE: NO-BS Press Program is a digital course. The members area will be available immediately after your purchase. NO PHYSICAL ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED.

DISCLAIMER: After recent statements from the Federal Trade Commission, I must disclose what "typical" results you may receive will this program. After reading this sales page the "average" person typically gets really excited and will purchase this program thinking they will *poof* magically receive the same results that my students on this page have, without ever reviewing the program and actually following it. Or worse they will do one of the workouts and complain of how "hard" training with kettlebells is and then give up.  Well, of course their results will be zero, zilch, nada. Your results on the other hand if you choose to not be "average" and follow the plan as written. Well let's just say, I look forward to adding you to our list of successful BJJ brothers on this page. Again, NOBS-PP is not magic, you must do the work. -hec g.