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Why Getting off the Body Fat is CRUCIAL

I often hear guys say, "I'm not too worried about losing weight." And that's good. Fat loss should be the main objective. But what happens when you lose body fat?

You lose weight.

Wait, what?!?!?!

I know, shocking!

Today I wanna share why fat loss, weight loss, whatever you wanna call it should be your number one concern.

Wait, wait, waiiiiiit a second Hector!

You said we should focus on getting stronger first?

Yes, this is correct.

But after a foundation of strength has been set.

Priority #1 is to get the fat off.

Here's WHY.


Ever heard of it?

Primarily a female hormone but... men have it too. And too much estrogen triggers the "perfect storm."

More on this in a sec.

Did you know.

There are certain chemicals that mimc estrogen?



Numerous products, plastics, food, and our water. These chemicals which mimic estrogen are called, "Xenoestrogens." And they're wreaking havoc on men -- and women.

For years there's been an over feminization of our nutrition.


  • Soy products.
  • Petroleum-based chemical additives.
  • Hormones in food (these mimic estrogen)
  • Pesticides (these mimic estrogen)
  • Most of our animal food is female.
  • Male animals are castrated or the meat is treated with estrogen to tenderize the meat.

All these products and chemicals unleash the silent assassin men aren't aware of. And it's killing your testosterone and ability to be the man you've been called to be.

This silent assassin is called.


And it triggers...

The Perfect Storm

As I mentioned... aromatase is triggered by estrogenic chemicals known as "Xenoestrogens". The more fat you have on your body, the more aromatase activity you produce.

From there, aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen.

Know what that means?

More estrogen.

Which means more body fat. And more body fat produces more estrogen.

Which leads to... you guessed it.

MORE body fat.

I call it the perfect storm. Here's a visual of what it looks like.

Body fat

And the vicious cycle repeats itself.

What does this mean for you if you don't get the fat off?

Say hello to the "dad bod" and soft man b**bs.

Aaaaand goodbye to your sex life. So if you've noticed a dip in your energy.

It's harder to lose weight -- despite your age.

And your sex drive is down.

Then my friend, you're trapped in the perfect storm.

Good news is.

There's a way to counter balance this by launching a full on anti-estrogenic assault.

I talk about how to do that here.

See you on the next page.

hec g.

P.S. - Seriously... if you wanna fight the good fight against estrogen, and even reverse the aging process, this will help.