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What FIFA ’93 taught me about “Playing Life on HARD”

The first time I played FIFA on the Sega Genesis I was ~13 years old. It was the first edition of what became "The FIFA Empire" in the world of video games.

There was only 3 levels of difficulty (to my knowledge).


I started at “amateur.”

And after a few days, progressed to semi-pro and won the word cup. I pretty much spent most of my time playing FIFA at the intermediate level.

One day I grew a pair big enough to play with the big boys on “professional" (“HARD”).

Wanna know what happened?


I got my *ss handed to me.

As my skill improved I began running up the score.

And eventually was crushing the CPU 15-0 against.

It felt like I was cheating.

(And I was, I was cheating myself)

I moved up to HARD again.

Another blood bath.

I couldn’t score for sh*t, LOL!

Eventually, I won the World Cup and was soon running up the score again. Then one Friday night, I fired up the Sega but this time, I played on amateur again.

I'm sure you can guess what happened.


It was like taking candy from a baby.

What does this have to do with you?

As I look back.

I realized I was playing small by staying in “amateur" and "semi-pro” mode.

Just to stroke my ego.

I was taking the easy route because…

I didn’t like the taste "playing on HARD” left in my mouth.

So I stayed in my comfort zone.

But as I adapted…

I got better.

Over the years I developed this mentality of  “playing life on hard” in every area of my life.

And emotionally.

(Just ask my wife, HA!)

Anytime I take on a new task/project.

I ask myself.

“What’s the “hardest” way to do this?”

Any by “hardest”, I don’t mean complicated.

Living life on HARD means… “going all in.”

No half *ssing anything.

No “Plan B.”

No “maybes.”

No “if, thens."

Can you identify any areas in your life where you’ve been taking the easy road?

Where you've been playing in “amateur mode” so you can stay in your comfort zone and please your ego?

If so, let me know in the comments

Your brother in strength,

hec g.

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