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"5 Day Strongman Challenge"

... to help create balance in your life, get in shape, look & feel better, and regain control of your life in less than 30 minutes per day-- is currently closed!

If you're tired of being tired and feel like you gotta choose between getting in a workout, building your career, or spending time with your family - then this is for you. Inside I'll hand you the keys to unlock the doors of abundance and balance -- enter your details below to be the first to know of my next FREE 5DSMC.

"I will NEVER Doubt You Again, EVER!"

To call Hector's programming magical would be an understatement. He helped me ace my kettlebell recertification in less than 5 weeks. His program Better Man Blueprint is the way to go and, if you get an opportunity to spend time with him in person or virtually, do it!

Brian Robinson

Why you need to be in this challenge, what you're getting, and what you can expect after 5 days:

  • How to gain a "birds-eye" view of where you're at in life... and where to make the right adjustments to advance your career, your health, and strength your relationship with your wife and kids.
  • Pg. 22 & 23 of your e-Workbook helps you avoid the painful traps all men fall into when starting a plan and leaves them desperate and quitting for the next shiny object.
  • How to bolt together the "5 elements" of every man to create balance and peace of mind so you can enjoy life & the hard work you put into raising your family.
  • More time back and the piece of mind knowing you got everything in for the day: your workout, easy-to-make meals, and still have plenty of time for the family & YOURSELF.
  • Access to the 5 results-driven workouts the men of Better Man Blueprint use to get in shape anytime, anywhere and build strong, capable bodies in 20 minutes or less per day.
  • 5 strategy coaching emails to give you the support and accountability you need to finally become the bad*ss husband and father your family deserves.
  • Daily LIVE trainings in my community FB group to guide you through the challenge & around the inevitable obstacles you'll face -- so you can stay on track and not fall off the wagon.
  • My 3 Step Stupid Simple Eating plan to help you create healthy eating habits and how to pair your workouts & foods together, and get your pants fitting better around your waist by day 4.
  • The ability to enjoy a meal with your family, eat carbs without guilt, and still see massive gainz by effectively pairing the right foods with your workouts.
  • And much more and ... 100% F-R-E-E!

"The Best Looking Program I've Seen!"

I've had the opportunity to join Hector's coaching program, Better Man Blueprint and I love it! I can't wait to dive into his mastermind coaching program next... and I've gotta say... this has got to the best written program I've seen to date.

Malcolm McCowan SFG, Personal Trainer

I Was On the Verge of "giving up"

When I started working with Hector 18 months ago, I had pains throughout my body running from my ankle and calves through my shoulder and neck. I was on the verge of "giving up" when I was introduced to Hector. Within 6 weeks, I noticing my aches and pains had diminished. After 12 weeks, I couldn't even remember what the aches and pains felt like. I am now pushing 50, and if I had found Hector earlier in my life, I know I could have avoided many years of pain and stayed healthy and in shape for a much longer period of time.Thank you Hector.

JJ Hart World Traveler

"Ran my last marathon 30 minutes faster"

Training with Hector and following his program only 3 days per week--helped me run my last marathon 30 minutes faster and I felt I could’ve gone another 5 or 6 miles. I did no other strength training, only my normal runs. I didn't even add my traditional "speed days" like I would have done in the past. Everyone needs to work with Hector in his kettlebell program!

Armando R. Elite Marathoner

"The Highest Privilege I’ve had"

Training under Hector has been the highest privilege I’ve had in Jiu-Jitsu, he helped me develop a confidence that I didn’t even know existed. His coaching isn’t overwhelming with a bunch of fancy exercises. Hector will teach you how, why, and when to move. Within 2 months of training, my resting heart rate dropped to the 50's and my blood pressure dropped to around 110/70. I had chronic hip pain that disappeared after a few weeks of training while my flexibility and mobility skyrocketed; I even dropped 10-15 pounds!

Dr. John K. DC, BJJ Purple Belt

"Down 13% body fat, BEST Decision I have made"

I started with Hector at 182lbs. and 29.7 percent body fat. Six months later, I had dropped down to 152 lbs and 13% body fat. Getting started with Hector here has been the best decision I have made so far when it comes to my health and well being.

Austin P

"Hector's Programs Are Not Gold, they're Platinum!"

To my surprise, Hector's programs delivered way more than I expected. I was initially just hoping it would improve my rep max on double 28 pressing and maybe help me nail a double 32 press (technically a bodyweight press) But I was in for a bigger surprise, I had a lot more PRs from this program. I did get my double 28kg press to go from 4 to 5 reps, pressed double 32s but also managed a few more PRs. Hector's programs are not gold, they're platinum!

Mark Limbaga Strength Coach / Filipino Boxing Team

"This Program Will Not drain You"

After completing Hector's program, I must say it's one of the best programs I’ve tried. You truly get maximum effectiveness for the short amount of time it requires to complete. This program will not drain you... it will make you stronger, leaner and better conditioned. The last thing a busy dad like me needs is to add additional stress to an already hectic schedule. Thank you so much Hector!

Joseph SJ. Busy Dad

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