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Should You Be Stretching Before BJJ?

A pretty common question I get in the Jiu-Jitsu world is “should I be stretching before rolling?” Or better yet “what are your thoughts on foam rolling before I training?” Well, the answer is… “It depends.” There are generally 2 factions of people when it comes to this question. And any answer I give usually upsets someone.Faction #1This […]

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How To Gain Leverage In The Getup

You’ve probably heard several times that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is about leverage and technique. While this is true, it’s not enough to truly grasp  the power and efficiency of BJJ. My philosophy of BJJ takes the leverage and technique concept one step further. I believe that in order to truly understand the art of BJJ, grasp […]

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How To Prep For The Deadlift

I’ve been playing around with different flows and ways to prep for the deadlift lately. This is one of the best one’s I’ve come up with that has had the most carry over to my deadlift in terms of preparation and performance.What wires together, fires together, and how getting a better understanding of facial slings […]

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The Hip Flexor Stretch

I woke up yesterday morning, made a cup of coffee and went straight to writing. I ended up sitting for about 8-9 hours straight. I noticed a little twinge (wait is that a word? eh, let’s go with it) in my lower back after a while. I immediately knew what was happening and went to […]

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