Quick message from Hector:

Sup, dude! I'm pumped to see you here on this page and glad you're considering grabbing a copy of the 'Always Be Ready!' program. A few of quick things.

[1.]  When you click on the gold button below, you'll be taken to my secure checkout page.

***IMPORTANT:  Your credit card statement will show a charge for $67USD from “Hardstyle Kettlebell” (that’s the name of my company).***

[2.]  On the order form, please use your PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS -- especially if you're a past customer. This way all your products will be under the same log in. Delivery of your product(s) will be sent to your email immediately after purchase.

[3.] If you're using PayPal and your email for PayPal is different from the email you used when you joined the SAH Newsletter, you will need to contact us after your purchase: [email protected], so we can make sure you gain access to SAH Foundations.

That’s it… see you on the other side!

hec g.