ATTENTION: Men and Women looking to lose 10-20 pounds, and are tired of waisting their time month after month, stressing over what workouts you should be doing? Tired of wasting your time on gym memberships and personal trainer?

The days of stressing over and designing your own plans and workouts ARE OVER!


These will be hard hitting, fat melting, no non-sense kettlebell workouts and programs. Every four weeks I will be bringing you fresh new kettlebell workouts!

"What's the difference between workouts and programs?"

Workouts mean exactly what the word says, you will be "working yourself out" there's really no end goal. Workouts simply burn calories, that's it. Now, There is nothing wrong with "workouts" they are great for when you need to just "do something". They don't take a lot of thought, and at the end of a long stressful day, sometimes that exactly what you need. A great stress relieving workout!

Programs on the other hand, have a specific goal. Like Dropping "X" amount of body fat, building "X" amount of muscle, building a bigger military press, deadlift, or pull-up. 

I'll be designing both single and double kettlebell workouts and programs. If you are new to kettlebell lifting I recommend you start with the single kettlebell workouts first.

Oddly, single kettlebell programs can be even more challenging than double kettlebell programs. How so? With single kettlebell training, there is no where to hide. Single kettlebell training will test you symmetrically across all phases of your strength, mobility, stability and endurance... HELLO SNATCH TEST! ????

"But I Don't Have Much Time To Workout."

Even better! I'll be designing quick "Kettlebell Workout Snacks™". These will be short go-to 10-15 minute workouts for when life gets in the way leaving you no time for training. Or maybe you're an over achiever and just want to get another quick session in... Kettlebell Workout Snack™ is where it's at! 

Here's What You Get

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    New! kettlebell strength and fat loss programs and workouts every 4 weeks,  that burn max calories in the shortest time! $97 Value
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    Weekly! Tutorials, to decrease the learning curve and keep you safe! – $97 Value
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    Specific! Strength plans EVERY 4 weeks designed to build a bigger deadlift, 1/2 bodyweight military press, and even how to conquer a 24 and 32kg snatch test. No more guessing and no more failed attempts. $97 Value
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    Unlimited! Access to new fat loss challenges to keep you lean year round! – $97 Value
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    Delicious! Non-restrictive, recipes that improve health, build lean muscle, and shred body fat. – $47 Value
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    Private! Online forum and coaching group to ask questions, share workouts, and have your technique looked at. – Priceless
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    And much more..

Total Value:  $435/mo $30/mo. ($1 a day)

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What Are People Saying About The Training LAB?

Jake G, SFG II

Hector's DL plans have taken my deadlift from 220kg to 260kg in less than 6 months. It has helped me pull 3.25 x bodyweight doing no other assistance exercises but the deadlift itself.

Laura C, SFG

With Hector's plans I got super strong and built muscles that I hadn't before. Plus I achieved an ALL time Personal Record (PR) of 146kg (322#)!! Without any assistance exercises.

Leah D, SFG

The programming was BRILLIANT and perfectly challenging! I never had session that completely defeated me, but I saw my skills and my strength progressing like I had NEVER seen before.

Krystal D, Busy Mom

For the first time in a long time, I wore a dress above my knees.

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