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[ATTENTION Men, Husbands, and Fathers]

Tired of getting smashed by bigger & stronger teammates? 

Former conditioning junkie reveals training secrets to getting better conditioned for BJJ... so you can roll for hours without feeling like you've been hit by a truck the next day!

You're barely two rounds in, fatigue is starting to set, your grip is getting weak, forearms are almost numb, lungs and legs burn as if you're running in the freezing cold.

On top of that

... you're getting smashed by a stronger teammate.

At the end of the day, you lie awake in your bed for at least 45 minutes (or more) thinking...

... Is it my conditioning?

... Why couldn't stop it?

... What could I have done better?

... I knew the [dang] armbar was coming.

... I was in the right position, my timing was there, wasn't it?

... How did he still manage to pull my arm into the submission?

... Why am I still getting tired? I did extra conditioning with a strength coach.

I must need more conditioning.

Does this sound familiar?

This was me for MANY years! 

Hey friend, my name Hector Gutierrez Jr.

I'm a former overweight 19 year old high school dropout, turned Second Degree BJJ Black Belt, Senior Instructor for StrongFirst, husband, and father of 2.

I now show men just like you how to get back in shape, rebuild their confidence so they can train Jiu-Jitsu, and become the husband and father their family deserves.

What you're about to learn today will get you leaner, stronger, and faster for BJJ

... so you can train more but, most importantly -- gain back time so you can spend it with your wife, play with your kids, and pretty much -- have the freedom to do YOU!

If you answer "YES" to any of the points below, you're in the right place:

  • You're tired of being tired, not able to live life on your terms and do things you really love like: playing with your kids or traveling without getting winded and throwing out your back.
  • You're struggling to balance being a husband, father, advancing in your career, getting in your strength/flexibility work, and still have time to get in Jiu-Jitsu.
  • You're stiff as a board, want to improve your mobility/flexibility to be able to touch your toes, train Jiu-Jitsu and play with your kids without worry about waking up with aches and pains the next morning.
  • After years of BJJ you're thinking to yourself, "I'm tired of being in pain and dealing with constant injuries--I just want to move "easier" again--like I did when I was a kid."  You may be even be saying to yourself, F**K this!
  • When it comes to eating--you lack the discipline (to say "no") and strategy to lose those last 10 stubborn pounds of chub around your waist and think you have to eat boring chicken and broccoli to get shredded.

The ONE skill you're not learning & applying in your BJJ practice and how it can take your game to the next level

After 17+ years of training Jiu-Jitsu -- one of the most common questions (or should I say comments) I get from fellow BJJ players is...

What else can I do to improve my conditioning? I feel like I gas too soon when I roll. I need more conditioning, right?

Well, yes and no.

Let me explain...

The biggest problem with most "strength and conditioning" programs is this.

They turn out to be conditioning and more conditioning programs.

This "additional" conditioning takes it's toll and eventually leaves you in an "over trained state", getting smashed, and leaves you thinking

"... I need MORE conditioning!"

Don't get me wrong, conditioning is VERY important in Jiu-Jitsu. But, you'll receive most (if not all) the conditioning you'll ever need from the mat.

After all, Jiu-Jitsu IS conditioning in and of itself which brings me to the differences between an...

Exercise induced response vs. hormonal induced response

Training endurance for BJJ can get a little tricky because Jiu-Jitsu is endurance. More often then not...

...many BJJ players (I used to think this way too) think they need high intensity interval training (High reps with little to no rest) to improve endurance for BJJ when in reality...

It does more harm than good.

It's easy to try and push the pace all the time which includes physical training on and off the mat.

The mindset is

... if I can get comfortable training under fatigue, I'll improve my endurance.

Friend,  this is actually a destructive mindset for strength and endurance training.

There will be a time when you need that type of psychological training, but save it for the mat [Only].

Lets take the kettlebell snatch for example.

(pound for pound the best strength endurance exercise on the planet)

This "HIIT" style of training to peak endurance will only result in more fatigue. And as Saulo Riberio would say--

If you get tired... you die!

(Leaving you thinking you need more conditioning)


Because that is an exercise induced response meaning...

You will improve for that particular exercise--this is what we call, the "S.A.I.D Principle."


A-daptaion to a 



In other words your body will get good at snatching because it's the demand you're asking your body to adapt to.

Make sense?

If you think about it, it would be a hormonal induced response FOR SNATCHING!


You need a hormonal induced response to improve endurance for BJJ

... and this will only come from training Jiu-Jitsu. More time on the mat, more drills, and more sparring.

*This* is the only way to improve your endurance for Jiu-Jitsu so you can roll more and go on to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Which is why...

"The Highest Privilege I’ve had"

Training under Hector has been the highest privilege I’ve had in Jiu-Jitsu, he helped me develop a confidence that I didn’t even know existed. His coaching isn’t overwhelming with a bunch of fancy exercises. Hector will teach you how, why, and when to move. Within 2 months of training, my resting heart rate dropped to the 50's and my blood pressure dropped to around 110/70. I had chronic hip pain that disappeared after a few weeks of training while my flexibility and mobility skyrocketed; I even dropped 10-15 pounds!

Dr. John K. DC, BJJ Purple Belt

The simpler your training is, the better

Jiu-Jitsu is a VERY complex art and with each new year (6 months probably) evolves a new technique, a new transition, and sometimes...


The more complex your BJJ training is, the simpler your strength training off the mat should be.

The simpler and less moving parts, the better.

Which brings me to...

The importance of "training contrasts" and how they peak performance

"Training Contrasts" is a powerful concept I learn from my mentor Geoff Neupert.
"The best training gains come from contrasting your training variables." – Geoff Neupert

An example of contrasting your strength training would be:

... a heavy day followed by a light day.

... high volume day followed by a low volume day.

This contrasting is how to peak your performance.


To have the endurance and thrash through someones guard, you need a training contrast.

I mentioned earlier--the very nature of Jiu-Jitsu IS conditioning.

So if you're a conditioning athlete what do you think your training off the mat should consist of?

Strength, right?


In fact

"... Strength is the mother quality"

According to Professor Leonid Matveyev the father of modern periodization. Strength is the mother quality upon which all other attributes develop.

What does this mean?

If health is not an issue, STRENGTH should always be your #1 priority. 

The stronger you are, the easier it is to build your endurance. It's kinda like an engine. 

Lets compare a 4 cylinder to a V8, how hard do you have to punch the gas on the 4 cylinder for it to speed up?

Pretty much to the floor right?

Now how hard to you need to punch the gas on the V8? 

No much, right? 

That's because the V8 has a bigger base or a bigger furnace to generate its power. The stronger you are, the bigger your furnace.

This is the ONE skill you're not learning and applying in your BJJ practice and once you learn to harness this skill, it will take your BJJ game to the next level!

Especially if you follow this

Proven formula to take your game to the next level

  • The stronger you are
  • The more weight you can lift
  • The less energy it takes to roll with [bigger] training partners
  • The less energy it takes to roll
  • The more rounds/drills you can do
  • The more round/drills you can do, the better you get at Jiu-Jitsu

There you have it, pure science ;)

In short...

Endurance athletes (like BJJ) need to focus on getting stronger.

The result of getting stronger builds a greater work capacity to do more drills and roll MORE ROUNDS!

Now you may be asking yourself

... Hector, what should I be doing then to increase my strength and have better endurance for BJJ? 

I have no clue where to start.

I'm glad you asked. 

So, instead of allowing you to add more stress to your life and learn all the science that goes into writing a comprehensive and effective strength program to improve your conditioning for BJJ...

I've compiled 18 years of experience as a BJJ Black Belt and strength professional into an easy to follow system,  jam packed with NO-BS... 

Cutting edge, science-based programming, just for you!

This isn't your typical progressive overload programming--NOPE. 

That type of programming is for powerlifters... and you're not a powerlifter. 

I'm about to reveal the most powerful principle-based and never-seen-before program with kettlebells

Guaranteed to...

...take your strength and endurance for BJJ to an all-time high--in record time.

And having you thrashing through guards like it ain't NO thang!

The Program: Strength Plan 801A

This program's built around the reliable double kettlebell exercise – The Clean & Press

No other exercise

"will get your body stronger, harder and more resilient than the clean and press!"

I give you...

NO-BS Pressing Program

NO-BS Pressing Program™

A minimalist approach to building a stronger, musular, and more capable body with one or two kettlebells.

Each workout expertly designed to get you stronger, better conditioned,  and increase your potential for rapid fat loss in 90 minutes (or less) per week...

(WITHOUT interfering with your life)

Here's what the NO-BS Pressing Program will do for you...

  • Give you the strength and athleticism after 8 weeks to hang with anyone regardless of size.
  • Reveal the FIRST EVER guide to strategically pairing kettlebells with your Jiu-Jitsu practice to eliminate over training and maximize your results!
  • How to build lean muscle--strip body fat and get you fitting better in your Gi in less than 1 hour per week (2-3 twenty minute sessions).
  • Save you $600 a year in gym memberships so you can spend it on more kickass things like 3 Shoyoroll Gi's. That's enough to grab the program alone! 
  • Maximize your mobility and flexibility to keep you healthy, on the mat where you belong and not on the sideline wishing your could train more.
  • Test and retest your endurance with my signature "Specialized BJJ Endurance Test" for instant feed-back on your progress!
  • Provide you with the #1 bodyweight mobility flow--specific to BJJ for the perfect warm up and cool down so you don't wake up sore the next day.
  • On page 4. of the Mobility Secrets I reveal 2 exercises to bulletproof your shoulders and keep you from getting injured with the Kimura.
  • Get mobile and more flexible faster with my 13 part video course on "how to" use bodyweight and kettlebells to move with the grace of a 7 year old.
  •    and SO much more...

"I'm in the Best Shape of My Life"

I have to say that training with Hector and following his coaching and programming has had a HUGE impact on my strength, power, and recovery on the mat. At 30 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life.

Roger N. BJJ Black Belt

As you can see the GPP is a very simple, effective and complete program which doesn't take a lot of time.

Even the busiest--high level competitor can and has had success without feeling overwhelmed and over worked.

But it gets even better, because I'm throwing in some strength-building, recovery-boosting bonuses...


The most effective and first mobility program for BJJ practitioners...

How to improve mobility with kettlebells and bodyweight

Mobility Secrets™

Reveals the 10 Secrets I used to rebuild my body and knees after two [frustrating] injuries.

Inside is an expertly designed manual and 13 part video series of mobility/flexibility flows that will help you build a stronger and resilient body for Jiu-Jitsu.

And keep you doing what you really love... JIU-JITSU!

$47 Value


BJJ Survival Guide™

The ultimate guide to staying in Jiu-Jitsu shape... even if you can't make it to the mat on a consistent basis.

The days of dreaded your first day back on the mat will be a thing of the past!

$47 Value


NO-BS Pressing Manual

The NO-BS Press Manual

The exact manual I provide the attendees of my "press workshop" here at my gym in Corpus Christi.

To remove the guess work of how to progress in the press, maximize performance, and avoid potential injuries.

$97 Value

"I Medaled for the FIRST Time As a Brown Belt!"

Hector's coaching helped me prepare for the Pan JJ championships (one of the biggest BJJ tournaments). I medaled for the FIRST time as a brown belt! His coaching program helped me reach a new level of athleticism. It is the perfect balance of strength, power, and flexibility that I was missing in my game!

Tony C. BJJ Black Belt

Here's what to do next...

The retail cost of the NO-BS Pressing Program™ is $67.


You're getting Mobility Secrets™ A treasure map to improving mobility, flexibility, and durability so you can train more without waking up the next day feeling like you've been ran over.   Valued at $47

The NO-BS Pressing Manual to remove the guess work of how to safely execute the pound-for-pound #1 kettlebell exercise on the planet. Valued at $97

And the BJJ Survival Guide - the secret to getting and staying in Jiu-Jitsu shape when you can't make it to the mat 3-4 days per week... so you can avoid the sucking wind your first day back. Valued at $67

A total value of $258

But as a fellow BJJ brother you won't pay any where near that.

In fact...

You won't pay





I'm hooking you up today for only - 

$258.00 $47


why so cheap?

To be frank, I want this to be the easiest no-brainer decision for you. I want you to actually USE the program and re-gain control of your body again.

This program COULD be the turning point for you my friend (it was for me), but only if you take action today.

The other option would be to do nothing and stay where you're at.

Stiff, broken, weak and over-trained.  And worse, sitting on the end of the mat wishing you could roll one more round.

(and not just roll with the white belts)


Be renewed with the strength, mobility, and resilience you once had--to keep you where you belong.... ON THE MAT!

Click the "Hook Me Up" button below to gain instant access to BJJ Strength Secrets

And be on your way to getting stronger, more mobile and leaner for Jiu-Jitsu.

$258.00 $47

A note from hector

Hey Friend,

I remember when I first started taking my Jiu-Jitsu serious (circa '05). I was sick and tired of sucking wind after only 3 rounds of rolling.

I've tried EVERYTHING on the planet to improve my strength and endurance for BJJ.

I used to spend over 4 hours a day off the mat in a gym. 6 days a week (that's 24 hours a week) on pointless exercises which had no carry over the BJJ.


  • Body building exercises which only gave the appearance that I was strong and in shape for Jiu-Jitsu (but I really wasn't) only for my grip to continue to fail and because of the added muscle, my endurance sucked even more.
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)--that put so much stress on my nervous system, I couldn't recover in time for Jiu-Jitsu--ultimately leading me down the slippery slope of thinking I "needed more cardio" because I continued to gas out.
  • Long Distance Running--Again, I thought I need more cardio so, I added running 3 days a week for a total of 16-24 miles only  to end up with achy joints and tighter hips which had a detrimental effect on my guard game.
I don't know if any of that resonates with you but, one thing is for certain...

... I knew something had to change because I knew I couldn't keep up training 24 hours a week (THAT'S A PART TIME JOB!) not including BJJ and...

Still having CRAP for conditioning!

But all that ended when...

i discovered the mighty kettlebell!

It changed everything for me.

But here was one problem...

I had no clue what I was doing!  At the time there were ZERO instructors in my area teaching what you're about to learn.

In fact...

There was only a few hundred top instructors in the world teaching kettlebells. With the closest instructor being 10 hours away.

My only option was to learn from YouTube university and you know how that goes. 

I'm sure you can guess how that turned out for me?

Yeah, not good!

I literally beat the crap out of myself with a 25 pound (the size that beginner women use, yeah I know :[ )  kettlebell and to be honest...

I hated it!

It hurt so much. The constant bruising on my forearms, torn up hands and did I mention the bruised forearms?

I had to stop using them every couple of months because the pain became so unbearable. But you know what was happening?


My strength and endurance made a quantum leap forward!

What used to be 3 rounds before I was sucking wind while in the bathroom splashing water on myself to cool down...

... turned into 10 plus rounds of rolling several times a week (and a few rounds left in the tank).

And not only that...

... I was man handling my training partners and even rolling with guys who out weighed me by 40-60 pounds with ease.

That's when I dedicated my career to mastering this unique ball of iron.  Along with mastering the art and science of program design. 

What's program design?

It's the planning of the training, knowing how to go from "A to B".

ALL so I could bring it to YOU and fast track your results.

I've invested 10's of thousands of dollars for the information that went into writing BJJ Strength Secrets.

So don't let this opportunity pass you by to finally get stronger, better conditioned and more resilient for BJJ.

So you can dominate the mat!

Pick up your copy now for ONLY...

$258.00 $47

What Others Are Saying

"The Highest Privilege I’ve had"

Training under Hector has been the highest privilege I’ve had in Jiu-Jitsu, he helped me develop a confidence that I didn’t even know existed. His coaching isn’t overwhelming with a bunch of fancy exercises. Hector will teach you how, why, and when to move. Within 2 months of training, my resting heart rate dropped to the 50's and my blood pressure dropped to around 110/70. I had chronic hip pain that disappeared after a few weeks of training while my flexibility and mobility skyrocketed; I even dropped 10-15 pounds!

Dr. John K. DC, BJJ Purple Belt

"Strength and Conditioning to Another Level!"

The first time I saw a kettlebell I thought , “there is absolutely no way this little thing will give me the workout I need.” Well, other than BJJ, this was the toughest training I've ever done. Training with Hector helped my BJJ game in more ways than I could imagine . Being a fellow BJJ practitioner himself, he knew exactly what I needed to improve my performance for the mat. Hector's kettlebell program as taken my strength and conditioning to another level!

John Quintanilla BJJ Black Belt

"Effective, Proven, and Straight to the Point"

Within 4 weeks I started to experiencing the benefits of Hector's strength training system. I finally finished my first 5 min round. Without gassing out! My grips are stronger, guard passing and sweeping my spar partners has greatly improved. It also appears—my body, especially my shoulders are bulking up and developing.

Coach Hec's strategies are really effective, proven, and straight to the point. The benefits he mentions are pretty much what you can expect.

Gabrielle R. Kettlebell Expert, Gravity Chamber

"Stronger than all of my opponents"

This program was something I was looking for a long time! I was so frustrated on how to incorporate by BJJ practice with double kettlebell clean and press. At a recent tournament I was able to take 1st place and win all of my matches by submission. Hector’s Grappler's Pressing Program made my wins much easier because I was stronger than all of my opponents.

Thank you Mr. Hector!!

Thanasis K.

"In 4 weeks I'm leaner"

In 4 weeks I'm leaner and my arms are more muscular than I have been in a while. I love the simplicity of Hector's programs--they don't take away from anything else in my life like BJJ and spending time with my family, yet still provides results. It is great to have a coach who has accomplished everything I aspire to and has already walked the path, I really appreciate how quickly Hector has been able to get back with me when I had questions.

Zac Zech BJJ Practitioner

"Positively Magical"

The armbar and bent armbar flows are positively magical and have almost complete eliminated my shoulder limitations!

Scott B

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DISCLAIMER: After recent statements from the Federal Trade Commission, I must disclose what "typical" results you may receive will this program. After reading this sales page the "average" person typically gets really excited and will purchase this program thinking they will *poof* magically receive the same results that my students on this page have, without ever printing the programs and actually doing them. Or worse they will do one of the workouts and complain of how "hard" training with kettlebells is and then give up.  Well, of course their results will be zero, zilch, nada. Your results on the other hand if you choose to not be "average" and follow the plan as written... well lets just say, I look forward to adding you to my list of successful badasses BJJ brother and sisters on this page.  Again, this program is not magic, you must do the work. -Hec

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