Revealed: How to lose 32 pounds of belly Fat using Only 2 kettlebells... 

(WITHOUT being on a restrictive diet)

From the training lab of Hector Gutierrez Jr.

Senior StrongFirst Instructor

Corpus Christi, Tx, USA

Hi Friend,

  If you've recently purchased one or two kettlebells (or you've seen them lying around at your local gym) because you heard they were the greatest thing since sliced bread to lose weight, strip belly fat, and fit better in your clothes... double kettlebell

Only to continue to struggle to see the results you had envisioned. 

  It's likely you are not following the right strategy and you're at a loss as to what workouts you *should* be doing to lose belly fat and feel great.

Not only that, you're also confused as to what foods you should be eating and when you should be eating them

I'll get more into the strategy in a minute.

But first...

  The TRUTH I'm about to share with you, will not only be the most important information you'll hear about losing belly fat, I'm also gonna show you what you can do today to finally fit better in your jeans, avoid walking by the mirror and hiding from  your spouse when you change your clothes.

You're current situation--is not your fault.

  You've been lied to and fed a bunch of crap from big box gyms (and even trainers) like how you need to "move more eat less and that losing belly fat is about calories in and calories out." 

Ever hear this?

These are not only frustrating statements, they're flat out unprofessional!

(That would be the same thing  as me telling you to, buy low and sell high... well duh)

  What the big box gyms and trainers are not teaching you is this effective strength training and fat loss principle called...

Continuity of the training process: The Well-Known but little understood concept to perpetual fat loss

I'm sure you've been here before...

You just finished a workout program or a 14, 21, or 28 day challenge and are left thinking, well now what?  

You're not sure if you should just repeat the program or start a new workout routine all together.

  Not knowing what to do, you begin to jump from one shinny object to the next

or worse...

You stop all together. 

  Oh, and do not fall for the gimmick that you need to confuse your muscles by randomly changing your exercises each day and each week. 

This constant change is what's likely killing your efforts to losing belly fat.

In physical rehabilitation there is a concept called The S.A.I.D Principle:

S - pecific

A - daptation to 

I - mposed 

D - emand

  Meaning the human body will make specific changes (i.e., adaptations) depending on the type of stressors you place on it like...


Strength training or endurance training.

Once your body adapts, you must make a slight change to create another adaptation. 

The problem is, this can be misunderstood as constantly changing exercises each day.

It's kinda like this... 

Lets say you take up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) as a hobby, how do you get better at Jiu-Jitsu?

By practicing Jiu-Jitsu of course, right?


Not by changing martial arts everyday. 

  What you *can* change is how you're practicing Jiu-Jitsu each week, like: adjusting how many rounds you do, how often you practice and how intense each practice is but...

You're still practicing Jiu-Jitsu i.e. you're continuing the process of training.

Make sense?

The same goes for strength training to lose stubborn belly fat.

  Essentially, long term success is built by having the right plan of action and strategically organizing your workouts (and nutrition) in a manner so each day, week, and month build on each other.

But don't worry it's not complicated. 

It's actually really easy and I'll show you exactly...

how to Workout less so you have more time to do things you care about... and still lose belly fat

  Friend lets face it, you do not have the time to be spending 1-2 hours a day, 4-6 days a week in a gym (that ultimately doesn't care whether you succeed or not, actually they hope you fail so you can continue to give them your $19.95/mo) not knowing what exercises you should be doing.

Here's what you DO need to do...

  You need to burn as many calories possible in the shortest amount of time and the only way to accomplish this is with a pair of kettlebells.

Why a pair?

Because using a pair of kettlebells gives you:

  • Twice the calories burn

  • Twice the strength 

  • Twice the cardio

  • and twice the results in the same amount of time.

Here's how–

Double kettlebell complexes–the Fastest Way to Blasting 3-5 pounds of Stubborn belly fat  Each Week...

Kettlebells are the undisputed champion when it comes to training for fat loss, period.

  But they become the ultimate weapon against weakness and bulging belly fat when you pair them together with an evil--diabolical (cue evil laugh) form of program design called, a complex.

  Right now you're probably asking yourself, what is a complex (it sounds complicated)? I promise you in no way is it complicated.

  Complex training simply combines: strength training, cardio and flexibility--balled up into one 20 minute workout. 

"I Gained 5 Pounds of Lean Muscle"

I loved Hector's complex program 701A! By the end of the program I gained 5 pounds of lean muscle on my arms, shoulders, and back. I loved how the program waved in all areas and allowed me to recover from session to session. I look forward to going through the program again, this time with 24's and 28's.

David Q. Owner, Media Kettlebells, SFG Instructor

The typical flow of a complex looks like this:

  • An intense strength exercise like pressing or squatting.
  • Followed by a cardio exercise like kettlebell swings or snatches.
  • In a combination of 2-4+ exercises strung together.

Like this:

  • 5 cleans
  • 3 presses
  • 7 swings
  • 6 squats
  • 5 snatches

Rest and repeat for however many total rounds that are prescribed.

Here are...

3 reasons why complexes should be an integral part of Your Training to lose stubborn belly fat... 

First of all they're simple and simple is repeatable.

Imagine this...

  You come home at the end of a long day and only have about 15 minutes till the chaos (that is your second job--being a parent) kicks in.

You grab your two kettlebells, knock out your complexes. Done.

  Second, complexes work your large muscle groups (These tend to be the fastest muscles in your body like your glutes). These large muscle groups contract quickly--


  Burn a massive amount of calories both while you're exercising and most importantly, when you're not exercising.

Best of all...

  There's an additional calorie burn from kettlebell complexes that is made possible by a fascinating effect known as "E.P.O.C":

E - xcess

P - ost

E - xercise oxygen

C - onsumption

This powerful effect keeps your body burning calories even while you rest.

Ever notice after intense exercise that you continue to sweat?

That's E.P.O.C

  According to Scheunke, et al 2002, after resistance training metabolism remained elevated post exercise and burned an additional 20% more calories for the next 38-48 hours.

How does and an extra two days of calorie burning sound?

*This* is how you can workout less leaving you with more time to do the things you love.

  Third, through a sophisticated technique called: prolonged muscular tension–kettlebell complexes create high levels of lactic acid which then converts to lactate–resulting in an additional release of growth hormone.

More growth hormone results in more belly fat loss.

Nice little double whammy there, eh?

So lets recap...

  Training with two kettlebells and pairing them in the form of a complex leads to an elevated metabolism for the next two days which means you can workout out less and still lose belly fat...

Ummm, yeah, I'll take two of those please!

Since I started following Hector's nutrition and exercise programs, the weight literally started melting off. I’ve lost 32 pounds and 21 inches!! I am now feel healthier and stronger than ever. I am wearing sizes I had not worn since before my first pregnancy.

Monica B. Busy Mom

If you've been in the kettlebell training game for some time, you're probably telling yourself...

Hector, I'm already using kettlebell complexes in my training... 

I'm not gonna lie to you friend...

  There's no secret, kettlebell complexes... heck, complexes in general have been around for a really long time... 

Coaches have been writing about them and using them for over 20 years.


  I've noticed that 99.9% of all kettlebell complex programs follow this common theme (which could put a halt to your results altogether): 

  1. The primary focus is fatigue by seeing how difficult the workout can be, making it nearly impossible to accomplish–forcing you to put the bells down in the middle of each set.

  2. They follow more of a linear progression where the reps and sets continue to climb each week ultimately leading you to over-training and even injury.

  3. Or the Cardinal sin, there is no progression at all. The reps, the sets, and the rest periods remain the same. At best the exercises are randomly put together.

Here's why this is a problem for YOU if results is what you're seeking...

This does not allow the S.A.I.D principle I mentioned earlier to deploy. There is no adaptation mechanism which means you're only getting half of the results you had envisioned when you bought your first pair of kettlebells

In order to double down on your results you need to apply this... 

Variable overload method–The Russian Secret to finally getting results with kettlebell complexes 

In 1972–Olympic Champion, renowned Russian sports scientist, and one of the authors of the Soviet Weightlifting System (which is without a doubt the most dominant strength training methodology known to man), Professor Arkady Vorobyev pioneered the idea of a variable over-load method for strength training.

Vorobyev (1977), proposed–sudden changes in 'load jumps’, (i.e., the reps, sets, and weight used) allows one to achieve higher results with a smaller loading volume.

What does this mean for you?

Basically Prof. Vorobyev is saying that sudden changes in the reps and sets  with smaller weights (like a pair of kettlebells) will allow you to achieve faster results.

*This* is what allows the S.A.I.D principle to deploy and deliver killer results.

Just as your body is beginning to adapt to a specific adaptation (like the reps and sets) the training load changes.

Which leads me to...

sharp variability–another Russian secret to supercharge your results with kettlebell complexes

One of A.Vorobyev’s top researches A.D. Ermakov conducted a 8 week study (1974) to compare different weekly and monthly load distributions.

Ermakov compared traditional–smoother load variations similar to the progressive over-load method (which uses incremental progress) used here in the west to much sharper changes in load like that of the Soviet System.

The experimental groups (that followed sharp variability) had a 61% increase in their results compared to the controlled group that followed a steady progressive over-load method

Ermakov also observed that the athletes in the experimental group were healthier and recovered faster.

(That's were fat loss happens--in the recovery)


The controlled group came to training the next day under a state of fatigue and had a substantial decrease in performance for the required workload.

How does a 61% increase in your results sound?

Isn't that  interesting? 

Yeah, I thought so too!

"Down 13% body fat, BEST Decision I have made"

I started with Hector at 182lbs. and 29.7 percent body fat. Six months later, I had dropped down to 152 lbs and 13% body fat. Getting started with Hector here has been the best decision I have made so far when it comes to my health and well being.

Austin P

So when you combine the Continuity of Training, the S.A.I.D. Principle, E.P.O.C, Variable Overload Method and Sharp Variability with your kettlebell complexes...


You accelerate your bodies ability to burn belly fat at a quicker rate by constantly forcing your body to make little changes resulting in an elevated metabolism for the next two days...

*That's* the secret to losing 32 pounds of belly fat with ONLY 2 kettlebells!

Now, you *could* add more stress to your life (I don't advise that), spend more of your precious time away from your family by trying to "figure out" all the science that goes into losing 32 pounds and 21 inches of belly fat on your own...

OR–you can add more time to your life by leveraging my 16+ years of professional experience using kettlebells (and complexes) with busy individuals like you and get yourself a copy of my newest eBook –

Double Kettlebell

The Double Kettlebell Manifesto

Is a one stop shop for all your fat loss needs. It's not just one program but 4 programs (over 30 total weeks) each expertly designed to blast belly fat as quickly as possible and get you fitting better in your clothes in record time.

Each workout is roughly 20 minutes–That's a whopping 60 minutes each week to finally see the results you've been looking for.

Here's a rundown of what you'll find inside and what The DKBM will do for you:

  • Provide you with 30 weeks of time-saving--calorie-torching double kettlebell programs guaranteed to elevate your metabolism and keep you burning calories for up to 48 hours.

  • On Pg. 12 and 13 of The Hardstyle Diet I reveal how to eat as many [healthy] proteins, carbs, fats, and fiber WITHOUT storing them as belly fat.

  • The ability to take back your social life, enjoy great tasting foods and still fit better in your clothes without having to spend hours everyday in a gym

  • Provide you with continuity of training to relieve the stress of you not knowing what to do after completing one of the four plans and keep you lean and strong year round.

  •  Have more energy to do things you really enjoy doing like: playing with your kids (without feeling gassed), playing golf, or even go out dancing (my wife's favorite).

  • The ability to build lean/toned muscle while trimming belly fat at the same time (yes, it's totally possible) to get your pants hanging comfortably on your waist.
  • Boost your confidence to be able to go shopping for new clothes any time you want without having to worry if what you try on is going to fit or not.

I couldn’t believe how after just 6 days I was posting pictures of myself (something I never do anymore), telling the world I was out of maternity pants and COMFORTABLY fit in my pre-baby jeans! I had been wearing maternity clothes for 8.5 months after my baby was born! One week with The Genesis plan and I was packing up my maternity clothes! In 21 days (3 wks), I lost: 7.5lbs, 10” of fat and 4 pant sizes! Thank you Hector!

Bryanna G. Busy Mom

Here's what you get...

The complete DKBM System

Double Kettlebell

Module 1: The Training Plan–($2,002 Value) 4 expertly designed science-based programs with over 30 weeks of strength-boosting and fat-torching double kettlebell workouts that deliver real see-in-the-mirror results.

I currently charge my private students an avg. of $267/mo. for this caliber of programming.  After 16 years in the trenches and working with real people, I have a pretty good understanding of what does and what doesn't work. 

Module 2: Nutrition Plan–The Hardstyle Diet™ –($97 Value) 
16 years of science broken down into a simple follow-along plan.

You'll soon learn the strategy of how to pair your kettlebell workouts with the right foods at the right times to deliver perpetual fat loss results to feel great and more confident in your skin.

Double Kettlebell

Module 3: Nutrition and Training Journal–($37)

Personal accountability is a MAJOR FACTOR and the difference between sticking with a program and not sticking with a program. This 50 page eBook will keep you accountable to your goals. 
"Only track the goals that you want to attain."

Double Kettlebell

Module 4: Weekly Coaching Emails–($197 Value)

Another reason people fail to attain their goals and give up or change to the newest shiny object is, having accountability to a personal coach.

I will be that personal coach for YOU.

I'll be writing you a weekly coaching email for 10 weeks to guide you around the road blocks that will eventually derail and sabotage your efforts. I don't know of any online program that offers that level of support

The total combined value of The DKBM System is $2,333

But don't worry... The DKBM doesn't offer the same level of expert customization that I provide for my private training students, so...

It wouldn't be fair to charge you as a private student...

But since you're a reader of the Strong As Hec blog, you have an opportunity to get the entire system at a massively discounted price of only:

$2,333 $47

Two years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life and started working out using Hector's plans ONLY 3 days a week for 30 min. Once I started using the meals in The Hardstyle Diet the fat literally melted off me. I GOT A SIX PACK!

Kristen O. Busy Mom

Hold on a sec, there's more...

who likes bonuses?!

The humidity here in Corpus Christi must have me going out of my mind because–when you grab your copy of the DKBM, I'm gonna toss in these extremely valuable bonuses that I designed to accelerate your results.


You must act quickly because I'm not sure how much longer I will keep these up (they're that valuable).

Bonus #1: SAH 4-Week Transition Phase

This is the "What Next Program". How many times have you completed a particular exercise program and at the end you're asking yourself, what next?  Well, I got you covered. This easy to follow 4-Week Transition Program takes you step-by-step from one program to the next--to prevent you from losing the progress you've made.

($37 Value)

Bonus #2: SAH Shake Recipe Library

Sometimes life gets in the way and you need a "quick fix" to get in a quality meal. Instead of picking up fast food and derail your progress, instead--substitute 1 of these 21 delicious protein shake recipes to save you time and stay on track with your goals.

($19 Value)

Bonus #3: The Perfect Kettlebell Program™

No longer available and locked deep in the SAH Training LAB. TPKBP is a hybrid program of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises designed for the beginner kettlebell lifter to increase strength, mobility and endurance. Inside is a done-for-you 4 week plan with an easy to follow video library (10 Video Series to be exact)

($97 Value)

That's an added bonus of $153 totaling over $2,000 in total value. Click the "Add To Cart" button below to grab your copy of The DKBM for (98% off) ONLY...

$2,486 $47

My Personal Guarantee To You...

Lose 3 pounds of belly fat each week and fit better in your clothes or ask for your money back

I'm SO confident that you're going to have REAL, SEE-IN-THE-MIRROR results in the first few weeks!

You have 60 days to give the program an honest shot and if you are not feeling better, looking better,  and fitting better in your clothes from the day you started...

I'll refund you every penny!

All you have to do is show me you gave it an honest try.

This way I can give you my honest feedback, critique your technique and guide you around the inevitable road blocks that you will come across

Remember, all you need to do is show me you gave it an honest shot. That's why I'll be coaching you every step of the way and you'll have full access to me in our private Facebook support group.

It's pretty much a no-brainer...

I design the plans, give you the strategy and coaching.

You follow the plans. And Get RESULTS!

Sound fair?

Who The Double Kettlebell Manifesto's For...

Before I get into who it's for, let me tell you who The Double Kettlebell Manifesto's NOT for...

  • ​Someone looking for a quick fix and lose a bunch of weight on a restrictive diet.
  • Program hoppers that can't stay focused long enough to finish a program and see real results.
  • High intensity junkies looking for a workout to "kick their ass".
  • Tire kickers looking for a "deal" only to purchase, download, and still insist on a refund. Please keep your money.

The Double Kettlebell Manifesto's for you if...

  • ​You're tired of being tired and are looking for a lifestyle change. 
  • check
    You're stressed out, on a "time budget", and need a well thoughtout–systematic approach to losing stubborn belly fat and fitting better in your clothes.
  • check
    You're tired of eating chicken and broccoli only to continue to fail to see the results you've always envisioned.
  • check
    You're looking to build a toned and powerful body with "head-turning" definition to boost your confidence and start feeling comfortable in your skin again.

All you need to do next is click the "ADD TO CART" button below to...

Get started today for only...

$2,486 $47

"Hector's Programs Are Not Gold, they're Platinum!"

To my surprise, Hector's programs delivered way more than I expected. I was initially just hoping it would improve my rep max on double 28 pressing and maybe help me nail a double 32 press (technically a bodyweight press) But I was in for a bigger surprise, I had a lot more PRs from this program. I did get my double 28kg press to go from 4 to 5 reps, pressed double 32s but also managed a few more PRs. Hector's programs are not gold, they're platinum!

Mark Limbaga Strength Coach / Filipino Boxing Team

Since I started following Hector's nutrition and exercise programs, the weight literally started melting off. I’ve lost 32 pounds and 21 inches!! I am now feel healthier and stronger than ever. I am wearing sizes I had not worn since before my first pregnancy.

Monica B. Busy Mom

"I Gained 5 Pounds of Lean Muscle"

I loved Hector's complex program 701A! By the end of the program I gained 5 pounds of lean muscle on my arms, shoulders, and back. I loved how the program waved in all areas and allowed me to recover from session to session. I look forward to going through the program again, this time with 24's and 28's.

David Q. Owner, Media Kettlebells, SFG Instructor

After following Hector’s complex program 701A I had a significant increase in strength. My 1-3 rep max improved to a 5 rep max, I even went up a complete bell size. However the biggest improvement and change was in my strength endurance and recovery between sessions. The program was an huge success, thanks Hector!

Maggie B. Owner of Forge Fitness, SFG Instructor

"This Program Will Not drain You"

After completing Hector's program, I must say it's one of the best programs I’ve tried. You truly get maximum effectiveness for the short amount of time it requires to complete. This program will not drain you... it will make you stronger, leaner and better conditioned. The last thing a busy dad like me needs is to add additional stress to an already hectic schedule. Thank you so much Hector!

Joseph SJ. Busy Dad

Get started today for less than the cost of dinner for two...

$2,486 $47

Note: The Double kettlebell Manifesto is a digital product. The download page will be sent to your email inbox immediately after your purchase. NO physical items will be shipped.

disclaimer: After recent statements from the Federal Trade Commission, I must disclose what "typical" results you may receive will this program. After reading this sales page the "average" person typically gets really excited and will purchase this program thinking they will *poof* magically receive the same results that my students on this page have, without ever printing the programs and actually doing them. Or worse they will do one of the workouts and complain of how "hard" training with kettlebells is and then give up.  Well, of course their results will be zero, zilch, nada. Your results on the other hand if you choose to not be "average" and follow the plan as written... well lets just say, I look forward to adding you to my list of successful badasses on this page. Again, this program is not magic, you must do the work. -Hec

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