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Strength. Mobility. Endurance.

Physical training is something that should be enjoyed,
it should ALWAYS give more to you than it takes away,
and allow you to take life head on and live it to its fullest.

I talk a lot about strength, health, Jiu-Jitsu, and how to really take care of your body (because you only get one) but, I wouldn't be where I'm at today in my health and my business if it wasn't for my wife and the relationships I've built with my students and colleagues along the way. I always strive to show up better than I did yesterday read more...

"Get to the next level", forge a kickass body, & show up better as a man--because every man deserves to move like the wind with strength, power, and ease... 

Kettlebell Workout Snacks

An easy-to-follow collection of result-getting KB workouts  to get you back in shape in less then 45 minutes per week.

Deadlift Blueprint

How to build real-life strength in every area of your life using the barbell deadlift without training like a powerlifter.

5 Steps to Better Mobility

3 easy-to-follow phases to rebuild and bulletproof your hips & shoulders--so you train hard and live life on your terms.

When it comes to getting back in shape, rebuilding your body, and taking your life to the next level, nothing–and I mean nothingbeats coaching and accountability

How do I know?  Well–it's been the foundation of my entire career.

My name's Hector Gutierrez Jr. and this is where I spill the juicy details about me...

I'm a former overweight 19 year old kid who was bullied during his 30 minute walks to school from elementary up until high school--turned second degree BJJ Black Belt, respected strength professional, and entrepreneur.

Oh--plus full time husband & super dad of two.

For over a decade, I've shown busy men like you, how to get back in shape, rebuild their body (and confidence) so they can train Jiu-Jitsu and show up better as a man, husband, & father--to active BJJ black belt competitors and professional UFC fighters improve their strength, mobility, and endurance on the mat.

Above all else, I'm absolutely obsessed with what I'm doing–which is,  writing, content creation, and coaching my students.

Cracking The Gi-Code

It all started with designing training plans to help men like you blast through plateaus, regain their power and masculinity as a man, and crack what I call, The Gi-Code--to building a badass life.

The Gi-Code is a play on several words, "The G-Code" was from an album of one of my favorite rappers, Spice 1 (this is probably my all time favorite gangsta rap album), and the Jiu-Jitsu Gi (pronounced Gee) is the uniform we wear for Jiu-Jitsu. Gi is also an acronym I came up with which stands for, greatness inside.

We all have *it* and it takes a great coach to pull it out of you.  As one of my mentors, Master SFG, Zar Horton once beautifully put it

"... A great trainer will light a fire under your ass but, a great coach will light a fire in your heart"

So it was fitting 😉

I began to fall head over heels with the power of words.  I've witnessed first hand their impact on both the mental and physical human condition.  The last several years, I've immersed myself in this superpower that is, writing and using powerful words to help the men I serve take their life to the next level.

In fact...

Below you'll find my

... Kickass Kourses and Plateau Busting Programs--to get in ridiculous shape, become badass, and grab life by the throat...

Double Kettlebell

Double Kettlebell Manifesto

My best double kettlebell programs to incinerate belly fat and get you in ridiculous shape in less than 1 hour per week so you can live a badass life on your terms!

Snatch Blueprint

An easy-to-follow, time-saving course to help you transform your body, strength, endurance, and life with ONLY 1 EXERCISE in less than 2 hours per week.


"Bulletproof" your body to "take life’s punch" in 30 minutes (or less) per day with our easy-to-follow fundamentals course Swing STRONG!