You probably have an exact image in your head right now of what you would like to look and feel like, right?

I get it, you've tried everything like...

  • Diet pills
  • Protein powders
  • 500 calories diets promising you the world
  • stop-circle-o
    X, Y or Z exercise program guaranteeing you will build the body of your dreams

Only to end up skinny fat

Ever been here?

Finding the right training and nutrition plan can be tough, there is so much information out today, how do you know what and who you can trust?

Planning your meals and spending hours in a gym can be extremely stressful

But getting real see-in-the-mirror results week after week doesn't have to be as hard and drawn out as the Instagram models make it out to be.

The secret to getting stronger so you can lose weight, tone up and fit better in your clothes is finding the right strategy to establish the best action plan to achieve the result you currently have in your head.

"I lost 7.5lbs, 10” of fat and 4 pant sizes!"

I couldn’t believe how after just 6 days I was posting pictures of myself (something I never do anymore), telling the world I was out of maternity pants and COMFORTABLY fit in my pre-baby jeans! I had been wearing maternity clothes for 8.5 months after my baby was born! One week with The Genesis plan and I was packing up my maternity clothes! In 21 days (3 wks), I lost: 7.5lbs, 10” of fat and 4 pant sizes! Thank you Hector!

Bryanna G. Busy Mom

That's our expertise!

If you've spent hundreds... possibly even thousands of dollars on gym memberships and personal trainers only to continue to struggle to lose weight, tone up and fit better in your clothes...

... don't give up hope!

"Lean and strong at the same."

I was surprised that I could get lean and strong at the same time as Hector said. To be honest, I thought I would get a little fat because I wasn't doing cardio on this plan. But it's turning out just as Hector said, I'm burning a ton of calories and getting more toned!

Sara O. Busy Mom

Click the button below, enter your details and get on the fast track to finally see the results you've envisioned and avoid:

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    Guessing what workouts to do to build the lean-toned muscle that will have people asking you, "How can I look like that?!"
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    Eating boring chicken and broccoli to lose the Ol' love handles and stop your clothes from cutting off your circulation when you put on your shoes.
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    Wasted time in the gym when you could be doing things you really enjoy like playing with your kids and enjoying time with your friends and family.
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    Wasting your hard-earned money on gadgets, globo gyms and trainers that are texting instead of helping you see real results! 

what others are saying about hardstyle

"Down 13% body fat, BEST Decision I have made."

I started with Hector at 182lbs. and 29.7 percent body fat. Six months later, I had dropped down to 152 lbs and 13% body fat. Getting started with Hector here has been the best decision I have made so far when it comes to my health and well being.

Austin P

"Natural Lipo Suction"

30 minutes of kettlebell with Hector is like natural Lipo Suction. You could even call it the microwave workout!!! Pop into a class with Hector for 30 minutes and come out smaller and stronger!!!

Virginia M Busy Mom


Two years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life and started working out using Hector's plans ONLY 3 days a week for 30 min. Once I started using the meals in The Hardstyle Diet the fat literally melted off me. I GOT A SIX PACK!

Kristen O. Busy Mom

"Ran my last marathon 30 minutes faster"

Training with Hector and following his program only 3 days per week--helped me run my last marathon 30 minutes faster and I felt I could’ve gone another 5 or 6 miles. I did no other strength training, only my normal runs. I didn't even add my traditional "speed days" like I would have done in the past. Everyone needs to work with Hector in his kettlebell program!

Armando R. Elite Marathoner

"I Gained 5 Pounds of Lean Muscle."

I loved Hector's complex program 701A! By the end of the program I gained 5 pounds of lean muscle on my arms, shoulders, and back. I loved how the program waved in all areas and allowed me to recover from session to session. I look forward to going through the program again, this time with 24's and 28's.

David Q. Owner, Media Kettlebells, SFG Instructor

"I’ve lost 32 pounds and 21 inches!!"

Since I started following Hector's nutrition and exercise programs, the weight literally started melting off. I’ve lost 32 pounds and 21 inches!! I am now feel healthier and stronger than ever. I am wearing sizes I had not worn since before my first pregnancy.

Monica B. Busy Mom

I Was On the Verge of "giving up"

When I started working with Hector 18 months ago, I had pains throughout my body running from my ankle and calves through my shoulder and neck. I was on the verge of "giving up" when I was introduced to Hector. Within 6 weeks, I noticing my aches and pains had diminished. After 12 weeks, I couldn't even remember what the aches and pains felt like. I am now pushing 50, and if I had found Hector earlier in my life, I know I could have avoided many years of pain and stayed healthy and in shape for a much longer period of time.Thank you Hector.

JJ Hart World Traveler

"The Highest Privilege I’ve had"

Training under Hector has been the highest privilege I’ve had in Jiu-Jitsu, he helped me develop a confidence that I didn’t even know existed. His coaching isn’t overwhelming with a bunch of fancy exercises. Hector will teach you how, why, and when to move. Within 2 months of training, my resting heart rate dropped to the 50's and my blood pressure dropped to around 110/70. I had chronic hip pain that disappeared after a few weeks of training while my flexibility and mobility skyrocketed; I even dropped 10-15 pounds!

Dr. John K. DC, BJJ Purple Belt

"I Medaled for the FIRST Time As a Brown Belt!"

Hector's coaching helped me prepare for the Pan JJ championships (one of the biggest BJJ tournaments). I medaled for the FIRST time as a brown belt! His coaching program helped me reach a new level of athleticism. It is the perfect balance of strength, power, and flexibility that I was missing in my game!

Tony C. BJJ Black Belt

"I'm in the Best Shape of My Life"

I have to say that training with Hector and following his coaching and programming has had a HUGE impact on my strength, power, and recovery on the mat. At 30 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life.

Roger N. BJJ Black Belt

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