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Improving Your Deadlift, Without Deadlifting

One of the most common weak points (there’s several actually) when it comes to improving your deadlift is poor (aka: weak) posture. Specifically the upper back muscles (I won’t bore you with the names of the muscles).  Here’s why posture is important (health is the obvious reason), coming from a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), leverage is […]

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A Strength-Based Approach To Improve Endurance

One of the most common ways to improve endurance with the kettlebell swing is high volume sets e.g., sets of 10, 15, and higher with very little rest between sets. While this can most definitely improve cardiovascular conditioning… one of the downfalls is an increase in acidity and free radical damage. You’ll recognize this acidity as the […]

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How To Superset The Press and Front Squat

In today’s workout of the week I will show you how to superset the press and front squat for a quick and effective strength and conditioning workout. If you’re un-familiar with supersets I’ll explain. A superset is 2 or 3 exercises paired together with little to no rest between exercises. Supersetting is typically a body building tactic to […]

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How to Increase Mobility with 4 Simple Steps

I just released my latest kettlebell technique  on how you can increase mobility using only one kettlebell. I like to refer to this series as weighted yoga… or yoga with weights 😉 In today’s technique we will be reverse engineering a phenomenal  exercise called the Bent Press. The Bent Press is an old time strongman lift that […]

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