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Avoid these 11 Progress-Destroying Blunders

[•] Do you have all the workout programs? [•] Done all the research of what it takes to see progress? [•] Have all the meal plans, templates, and macros… … yet still on the same place after 6 months? [•] Maybe you lost weight but you’re not “leaner.” [•] Just a smaller, softer version of yourself? Well… you’re not alone. Sup, dude… It’s […]

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Why “Praying” Won’t Help Solve Your Problems

Sup dude. Glad you’re here. Today I wanna share why “praying” won’t help solve your problems. Keep in mind… these thoughts are coming from a Christian.If you’re been struggling with:- Pain- Weakness- Losing weight- Struggling relationshipsAnd an opportunity presents itself…THE answer you’ve been seeking might be staring you in the face.And you turn it away…… […]

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Better Man Truth Series: Day 1

Today we kick off the 5 Day Better Man Truth Series. Over the last decade running a personal training studio and competing in Jiu-Jitsu at the highest levels… I’ve noticed a theme of scared men making decisions — or lack there of — based on fear. Many of these fears are lies we feed ourselves to keep us, […]

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What’s at the Center of Your Wheel?

In today’s post we go through the 1st exercise I take the men of Better Man Blueprint through to help them become better men, husbands, and fathers. The goal is to…identify what’s at the center of your wheel? “Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos to help you become a more balanced […]

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