ATTENTION: Men, husbands, & father's... 

looking for more balance in life.

Ever tell yourself, "I wish I was in better shape but, I just don't have the time"?

Busy dad who used to feel like a fraud reveals an easy-to-follow 5 step formula to becoming a stronger and more balanced man...

Hey there friend,

Hector here.

12 months ago I was sitting in the living room of an Airbnb at a mastermind contemplating the future direction of my business.

My coach Nicole lead us through an exercise which exposed WHY I was coming up short in my life, my biz, and failing to become the man I was called to be.

Bare with me for a moment as I expose the toxic cycle I was subjecting myself to and -

The lies I was telling my soul.

I’m a FRAUD.

(At least I felt like one)

This was the conclusion of the exercise and the belief I had of myself.

2 years ago I felt a calling to dive into my higher purpose, my genius.

To serve men and help them become better men, husbands, and fathers.

Not just in health and fitness, that sh*t gets boring after a while.

You and I aren’t created to "workout" (which is only ~6% of our day).

I felt a calling to serve men in all aspects of life.

To forge the next level man.

To help him find balance and tap into his inner strength… his God given masculinity. 

And most importantly, let him know he's valued in a world seeking to devalue his existence.

But there was a problem.

I was in the middle of building and managing a brick-n-mortar training facility on top of building what would become the Better Man Blueprint.

I was putting in crazy hours.

Not leaving the gym till 11pm.

Only to come home and jump back on my laptop and start writing, editing videos, planning blog posts, etc… till 5 and 6am.

I’d sleep a few hours and repeat the cycle.

The result?

I put on weight, developed "weird" elbow and shoulder injuries because I was stressed out to the 9's.

I wasn’t seeing my family.

I’d get home and my wife was in bed, kids had been asleep since 8p.

And here I was, putting out a message about being a better man, husband, and father.

And how critical it was to be present in the lives of your family.

I felt like a FRAUD.

This led to negative self-talk.

“Hector, you’re such a f*cking failure!”

“Why should anyone listen to you and be coached by you? You can’t even get your sh*t together!”



This negative energy and mindset made it harder for me to achieve new milestones in my business.

Don’t get me wrong, business was growing and doing pretty well (EVEN in a pandemic)… but I failed to break through.

Wanna guess what I did when I failed to see the breakthroughs I envisioned?

I worked HARDER.

Spent MORE HOURS “grinding.”

I mean, that’s the secret to success, right?


If you ain’t GRINDIN' you ain’t serious about growth.

At least this’s what all the motivational guru’s say.

(F*ucking bullsh*t bro, BULLSH*T!)

This led to even LESS time with my wife and kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to work hard, creating and teaching is my passion.

But I was diggin’ my grave of feeling like a fraud… deeper and DEEPER.

The fraudulent b*tch inside me - tricked me into putting off the completion of crucial tasks to move my life forward.

I was stuck.

My mindset was, “well, if I don’t complete my men’s coaching program, no one can join and I’ll never be expose for being a fraud.”

After all...

a man's greatest fear is, "being found out."

Exposed for not being what he says he is.

I felt like I had to have all the answers, and wear all the hats.

My ego was in hyper-drive.

"... You gotta run the gym, Hector."

"... Don’t forget to be everything to everyone, Hector."

"... You can’t give up control, Hector - you’ve worked too hard to get where you’re at."

You get the idea.

But I was WRONG.

Dead wrong.

In the end, I was a mess and completely out of balance: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So… what the hell does this all has to do with you?


Where are you trapping yourself in YOUR vicious cycle?

What do you believe about yourself that’s having a NASTY effect on the results in your life?

Are you balancing too many plates, and wearing too many hats?

Are you giving away your mental, physical, and emotional energy?

Thankfully I had invested in a coach and was able to free myself from the chains and toxic cycle I put myself in.

Which is why, for 5 days - I'm hosting a FREE

5 Day Strongman Challenge

Not only am I gonna help you forge a strong and capable body for 5 days… I’m also rolling out the battle plans to surgically assassinate the toxic cycle running your life.

Keeping you from the fulfillment and appreciation your deserve.

There’s one question I ask potential students before we work together.

“Why have you failed to achieve this on your own?”

The answer is usually, “I don’t know."

I mean, they know what their goals and desires are.

They know what foods they should be eating.

Their macros are on point and -

They've bought every workout program on the internet.

But nothing to show for their efforts.

What’s up with that? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Truth is - 


If you never get clear on WHY you’ve failed in the past to FINALLY see results in your life - you’ll continue to be a slave to YOUR vicious cycle.

And most men never dig deep enough to figure out why.

This means they’d have to look at their dark twin in the mirror and -

peer through the eyes of his soul to find the answer.

They’d have to be vulnerable for a moment and be honest with themselves.

But they’ve been conditioned to believe, vulnerability = you’re a little B*TCH.

Men have NEVER been shown how to feel.

A toxic cycle in and of itself.

Check it out dude.

On Monday, 26 October 2020

I’ll give you the formula (FOR FREE) on how to thread together the 5 elements of every strongman and create more balance and strength in your life.

And this ain't no "feel good, kumbaya" challenge.

We're doing men sh*t and getting down to the nitty gritty of what a REAL strongman is and - 

how to become one.

After 5 days, you'll walk taller and lead your family by example.

Transforming into the strong bodied man your wife admires.

The hero your son thinks is invincible.

The king your daughter will measure EVERY man she'll encounter by.

And possess the ability to be a strongman (physically, mentally, and emotionally) amongst a gang of fellow men.

Yes, life can change this quick.

Here's a sneak peek of what it's all about and what you can expect:

✅  Pg 7. of the Life Assessment gives you a "birds-eye" view of where you're at in life... and hands you the key to make the right adjustments to advance your career, health, and strengthen your relationship with the wife and kids.

✅  Pg. 22 & 23 of your e-Workbook helps you avoid the painful traps all men fall into when starting a workout plan and leaves them desperate and quitting for the next shiny object.

✅  How to bolt together the "5 elements" of every strongman to create balance so you can enjoy life & the hard work you put into raising your family.

✅  Access to 5 results-driven workouts the men of Better Man Blueprint keep in their pockets to stay shape anytime, anywhere and build strong, capable bodies in 20 minutes or less per day.

✅  My 3 Step Stupid Simple Eating Plan to help you create healthy eating habits and how to pair your workouts & foods together, and get your pants fitting better around your waist by day 4.

✅  More time back and the peace of mind knowing you got everything in for the day: your workout, easy-to-make meals, and still have plenty of time for the family & YOURSELF.

✅  On day 1 I reveal the ONE THING sitting under your nose to give you mental, physical, and spiritual clarity and how to use it to make the world a better place (and it's 100% FREE).

✅  My easy-to-follow 3 step process to identify your toxic cycle and annihilate it, because it does anymore damage to your life and the ones you love.

✅  There’s much, (MUCH!) more by brother.