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3 Strategies to Becoming a High Performance Man, Husband, and Father…

I’m making room in my 16 week men's high performance coaching program this month to help 10 men get in shape, move like they did in their 20's, and create balance in their day... so they can be more present with their wife and kids... while still having time for themselves.

In order to accomplish this... you’ll need a hyper-effective strategy based around these 3 strategies:

Strategy # 1:
A “T.R.T Workout System”

A "T.R.T" system guides you through the 4 required phases of a strength cycle—in the correct order. It guarantees you’re getting, seeing, and feeling results on auto-pilot.

When done right… you’ll wake up feeling great and no longer feel weak, stiff, overworked and... broken the next morning.

It's the difference between burnout and perpetual progress.

The only way to gain back time and become a high performance man... so you can spend it where it counts like: wrestling & roughhousing with your kids or...

spending a night out on the town with your wife—is to deploy a:

Results Stacking, &
Testosterone-Boosting Workout System.

If you’ve been stuck in the same place the last 6 months and NOT seeing the results you’ve been chasing for years... it’s likely you're not following a T.R.T Workout System.

Strategy #2:
Recovery Accelerating Mechanism (R.A.M)

Most men I talk to, avoid recovery, mobility, and flexibility like the plague. Either because they “don’t have time” to get it in or they’re afraid of making things worse—so they leave it out.

Truth is, if you’re not able to recover from your workouts, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. A R.A.M system helps you train hard, more often, and... still remain fresh & healthy as possible.

When you get this right, the days of waking up feeling "crushed" are long gone.

In fact…

you’ll recover FASTER and choke out any nagging aches & pains once and for all. If you’re not feeling stronger after your workouts.

You’re feeling “fried” and “dinged up” after playing with your kids... then I’m willing to bet a steak dinner you’re missing a Recovery Accelerating Mechanism in your training.

Strategy #3:
5 Step Better Man "Bucketing Initiation System"

THE main reasons why men are unorganized & are on and off the wagon and aren’t seeing results...

... it's not their busy schedule.
... isn’t because of poor time management.
... and it's not because they're incapable of focusing on a particular goal.

Men lack an initiation process to their full manhood.

They were robbed of this piece of their life.

The closest thing we have in life letting us know we're a man is getting our drivers license or having sex.

As a result...

men aren’t aware of the required *inner work* they should be doing to move forward. They’re lacking a 5 step “Bucketing Initiation System”...

to give them a “birds-eye-view” of your life.

Illuminates WHY you’re not taking action towards your life goals. It provides the blueprint to establishing your values, vision, and purpose... so you can take massive action once and for all...

and finally lead your family from a place of strength and not from a place of fear. Refusing to do the required “bucketing work" of your soul only does MORE damage and...

leaves you feeling trapped, depressed, and... waking up one day at 40+ years old asking yourself, “is this all there is to life?”

These are the  3 "legacy-grade" strategies required to become a high performance man in 2021.

The program is so deadly-effective because...

I clear the path for you to navigate the 5 elements of a high performance strongman:


  1. Strong in Mind
  2. Strong in Body
  3. Strong in Emotion
  4. Strong in Spirit
  5. Strong in Community

It’s the exact system I’ve used the last 9+ years coaching over 1100 students in my gym and the Better Man Blueprint... to build a strong, capable, and resilient body… so you can regain control of your life in about 2 hours per week.

Compared to random workouts and challenges which serve no other purpose than to get you tired and... belittle your ability to recover… making the results impossible to duplicate.

Leaving you feeling defeated, drained, overworked, and spinning your wheels.

Here’s what you need to do next.

Zip over to my private calendar and book a time to speak with me >>>

Be sure to set it up right away—I’m only taking on 10 men to coach—we’ll be getting started Monday, 18 January 2021.

I look forward to seeing you on my calendar.

Chat soon,

hec g.